by Aaron Tsang, TFF Summer InternThe College of William and Mary

As my summer internship at the Family Foundation draws to a close, I begin reflecting upon what I lessons and takeaways I have from this experience. The more I ponder, the more comprehensive the list grows. Writing blogs and prayer alerts, meeting and calling pastors, and navigating the complex world of office pranks all made the list. However, the instruction went further than that. Learning about what goes on in the world of policy, experiencing the intricacies of state politics and the conflicting agendas at play at the capitol, and attempting to rally often unaware, often uninterested people to take ownership of their role at citizens were all worthwhile lessons learned. However, the most valuable takeaways were personal. Fridays meant biblical world-view sessions, an hour or so of learning what the Bible says about the issues that are most often brought up in society. Some of the most fresh, honest, and compelling biblical truths that have ever graced my ear did so during those sessions. Not only that, but it provided a platform for me to question, discuss, and even disagree with others in order to solidify what I believe and discover and ameliorate some of the misconceptions I had.

Despite the caliber of the world view sessions, one aspect of my work taught me something even more needed than that, and that was the constant need for prayer. As a busy college student, I have often struggled to make a significant amount of time for something that has unquantifiable, unseen, or unnoticed results. My work at the Family Foundation has shown the absolute necessity of prayer in the life of anyone who wants to make a difference, and the ultimate purposelessness of doing anything without God’s involvement. If one believes that God holds the key to human flourishing, it would be utter foolishness not to be in constant contact with him if one’s desire is to live a full life. To end my reflection, I finish with Jeremiah 9:23-24,

This is what the Lord says:

Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom

Or the strong man boast of his strength

Or the rich man boast of his riches,

But let him who boasts boast about this;

That he understands and knows me,

That I am the Lord, who exercises kindness,

Justice and righteousness on earth,

For in these I delight.”