TFF's Summer 2015 Intern Class

The Family Foundation’s summer internship program has grown over the years and attracts some incredibly talented college students. This year, our 2015 intern class is bright, fun-loving, creative, driven, and faithful. With over 30 students applying this year for a limited number of spots, the caliber of interns continues to improve. Not only do our interns help in each area of the organization, from policy research to social media outreach to intercessory prayer, they also spend time each Friday immersed in Biblical worldview training and discussion. IMG_6929

They’ve also proven to be exceptional writers. I encourage you to check out some of their prose on our blog at

Allow me to introduce you to this year’s remarkable team. Be sure to click on their names to read more about each of them:

Avery Whiteside (Social Media Intern; Virginia Tech) Bio written by Kathryn Blass: She’s back! She’s better! Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce Avery Whiteside 2.0. This is her second year interning with The Family Foundation. She may be basic, but that’s because this gluten-free office warrior doesn’t need any special features to rock your socks off. A Junior poli-sci major at Virginia Tech, (go Hokies!), Avery is no stranger to the struggles of finding parking on a daily basis. As an ex-volleyball player, Avery is both a baller and a scholar. She also plays the flute and loves to sing, which combined with her athletic talents make her the basic embodiment of High School Musical, except for the 3rd one because that one wasn’t very good, and Avery is the best.

Abbey Jessee (Events Intern; Radford) Bio written by Cameron Dominy: Meet Abbey, The Family Foundation’s newest events department intern! This fiery Richmond native came to us newly repaired, limping in agony from one of the six bones she has managed to break in her short 21 years of gracing the planet with her presence. Maybe she hurt herself running to the latest sale, maybe she hurt herself at her favorite Virginia Tech football games. WE AREN’T SURE!!! But we are sure that this Radford University Senior, majoring in Marketing, lives day in and day out by her motto “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” #RickyBobby.

Kathryn Blass (Policy Intern; Liberty) Bio written by Aaron Tsang: She is from Michigan interning at The Family Foundation in Virginia. It makes sense seeing that Kathryn is a rising junior at Liberty University majoring in Government with a concentration in Politics and Policy and minoring in Strategic Intelligence. Kathryn has many places she wants this schooling to take her, either to The Family Research Council, some version of The Family Foundation, The Tonight Show to meet Jimmy Fallon, or even the White House. That’s right Kathryn has high aspirations to be the First Lady.

Aaron Tsang (Team Timothy Intern; William & Mary) Bio written by Avery Whiteside: Aaron is probably one of the coolest people you will ever run into on the street and has some of the best Twitter game of all my friends (follow him @TheTsang). He grew up in Floyd County as the oldest of 6, so if you need an expert in running your family, he’s your man. In the span of 3 months, Aaron went from having no interest in going to college to deciding to go to The College of William and Mary where he probably watches 4 Disney movies for every final he takes (his favorite is Hercules). He will be entering his 3rd year at William and Mary this fall, where he majors in sociology, or as he sarcastically calls it Christian Utopia. He lives in a house with 10 (yes, you read that right 10) other guys!

Cameron Dominy (Winning Matters Intern; Charleston Southern University Bio written by Abbey Jessee: Cameron is very much a Yankee…yet he wears Chubbies and goes to school at Charleston Southern University. Cameron is a Former Division One Javelin Thrower, but his competitive spirit carries over which is why he is currently serving as the President pro tempore for the CSU Student Government and is also the chairman of the CSU College Republicans. The South Carolina Student Legislature is lucky to have him as their chief of staff.