"We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver..."

Censorship and the crushing of dissent go hand-in-hand. Both are used by those who have failed to make progress through reasonable argument, tend to be weak both intellectually and emotionally, and fear any alternative view. In today’s Amerika, they are the favorite tools of the secular left. Today, Facebook apparently continued its pursuit of rhetorical nirvana by blocking (temporarily) commentary and comments concerning a video of Planned Parenthood executives seemingly discussing the selling of the body parts of aborted children. The callousness with which they discuss killing these nearly born children and then profiting from the human beings they destroyed is, of course, despicable to anyone who has any compassion for humanity.

But I wonder why Facebook considers this content abusive, if what’s being discussed is nothing more than the destruction of a blob of tissue? And, if the vast majority of American are comfortable with abortion? I mean, if the secular left is correct, this video reveals nothing the abortion industry should fear. (Except maybe the part about trafficking in body parts is illegal. But seriously, it’s not like there is a single law enforcement agency in the country that’s going to have the guts to charge anyone in the $1 billion abortion industry with a crime.)

Then again, the point of censorship isn’t the elimination of a lie. It’s goal is the elimination of truth.