Where Nancy Dye Channels Carly Fiorina

Virginia Democrats are returning to their abortion bag of tricks again this year to try to motivate their base in what promise to be dreadfully low turnout state elections. Given that under Terry McAuliffe Virginia’s economy is ranked 48th in growth, you can’t really blame them. They simply have nothing to offer the people of Virginia other than free abortion on demand (without apology). The latest target of Virginia Democrats is candidate for state Senate Nancy Dye, who is running against entrenched incumbent John Edwards, one of the most vocal and extreme pro-abortion elected officials in Virginia. Dye is a physician who is considered by many the perfect candidate to take on Edwards.

Perhaps Virginia Democrats anticipated the same panic driven, weak-kneed response to their attack that too many Republican candidates have been known for when Democrats drop the abortion attack. Wide-eyed they usually utter something along the lines of, “It’s all about the economy; it’s all about the economy. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. We aren’t supposed to talk about abortion. The consultants tell us that so you aren’t supposed to ask because I’m not prepared to answer because I don’t know what I believe but I have to say something but I hope you don’t think I mean it.”

Que YouTube.

Sure, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s face it, the mantra of the Republican party has been to avoid any and all talk of “social issues” and pivot to the economy because that’s all anybody cares about. Except Democrats. Who only talk about social issues. But the media then blames Republicans for talking about social issues when they answer Democrats. And Republicans care a lot more about what the media says than about what you think.

Enter Carly Fiorina.

Earlier this week, when questioned challenged on her abortion position on CNN, instead of ducking into the fetal position as we often see (or worse, saying something so outrageously stupid it sets the pro-life movement back a decade), Carly turned the tables:

So it was incredibly refreshing to read in today’s Roanoke Times where Nancy Dye used the same tactic when attacked by a Democrat party spokesperson:

“If anyone is extreme, it is the Democratic Party of Virginia’s defense of Planned Parenthood’s reprehensible taxpayer funded market for dismembering near-term babies and selling off their parts for profit,” Dye said in a written statement.

Of course, the Roanoke Times, being fair and unbiased and all, then used the blatantly biased “Politfact” and “Factcheck” to try to undermine Dye’s statement. But anyone who has actually watched the videos of Planned Parenthood executives callously discussing dismantling unborn children for parts, that has an ounce of humanity and a brain that functions, knows when a Planned Parenthood executive says they try to “more than break even” in selling human baby body parts and another haggles over the price, it’s for profit.

Dye went further, defending her involvement with a pregnancy resource center in her community, a ministry that helps women choose alternatives to abortion, something the abortion industry despises – a choice other than profitable abortions:

“Do not be deceived or distracted by the Democrat Party’s extreme and baseless attack on a well-known and charitable organization — which meets the ongoing emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of women and their families without a single dollar of taxpayer funds.”

Imagine that – an articulate, principled response that thwarts the other sides attack by showing theirs is the actual extreme, out of the mainstream position.   Here’s hoping we see more of this from “pro-life” candidates in the coming weeks.

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