Planned Parenthood Scandal Proves New Media Power

I had a conversation today with a very good friend who is apoplectic over the media’s refusal to cover the Planned Parenthood scandal. She’s particularly frustrated because she spent most of her professional career in journalism. She knows a cover up when she sees one. She isn’t the first person to share that frustration. In fact, every time a new video is released there are more online stories in the new media that complain of the mainstream media’s complete lack of attention to the scandal. Stories like today’s revealing Planned Parenthood giving awards to the media just confirm the media’s bias.

A recent poll, in fact, found that fewer than 50 percent of Americans have seen or heard about the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby organ harvesting scandal. Proof, many say, that the media is not doing its job.

All true. But let’s look at this from a different angle.

Imagine for a moment what that number would look like without new and social media?

The fact is, almost 50 percent of Americans are aware of the Planned Parenthood scandal despite the mainstream media cover up. So many Americans know, in fact, that several prominent corporations have distanced themselves from Planned Parenthood.  This Saturday, thousands of Americans are going to join together in a national protest of Planned Parenthood at over 300 different locations around the country.  In some states, politicians are reacting by initiating investigations.

And nearly all of that is attributable to new and social media. Blogs like the Daily Signal and The Federalist are posting exceptional articles nearly every day. Individuals and organizations are posting on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Every day, more people hear about the scandal through mediums other than the local or national news.

And when they do, they aren’t pleased, and Planned Parenthood’s approval ratings decline.

Some will argue that the low number of Americans who are aware of the scandal is proof that the mainstream media still has power. I argue quite the opposite. The fact that nearly half of Americans are aware of Planned Parenthood’s baby organ harvesting is proof that the mainstream media’s power is rapidly declining. Despite the media’s best effort to keep this scandal from Americans, people are finding out about it. There was a day not too long ago when if it wasn’t on the big three networks, no knew about it. Then came “cable news” and more stories were available. Now, with the advent of new and social media, people can get their news from hundreds of sources, and many of those aren’t bought and paid for by the abortion industry.

So today is actually a good day for those of us who want the truth to be told. The Planned Parenthood scandal is proof that we are quickly moving toward a day when the biggest story the mainstream media won’t be reporting on is its own irrelevance. And that day is going to be here a lot sooner than it thinks.