Stand Up to McAuliffe and Herring!

At the next Virginia Board of Health meeting on Thursday, September 17, the Board is scheduled to take several critical votes on recommended changes to our hard-fought for abortion center health and safety standards. Some of those changes will undermine the intent of the General Assembly when it passed the law in 2011. After postponing this vote from the last meeting, we are confident it will be on the agenda September 17th.

Please plan to join us at the meeting to stand up to Terry McAuliffe and Mark Herring!

Governor McAuliffe has made it a top priority of his administration to weaken these standards, in large part due to the nearly $2 million he received in campaign contributions from the abortion industry. His friend Attorney General Mark Herring is doing all he can to help, recently releasing an “opinion” that said the Board has to “grandfather” existing abortion centers under building standards.

There are several members of the Board who are resisting McAuliffe and Herring’s efforts. McAuliffe is so bent on paying back the abortion industry that one of his most recent appointments to the Board is Dr. Wendy Klein, an ardent pro-abortion activist who has testified numerous times against abortion center safety. Klein even opposes the efforts of pro-life pregnancy centers that help women with an unplanned pregnancy! Klein and another of the Governor’s appointees, Linda Hines, have ties to Planned Parenthood. Hines was on its board of directors, while Klein is affiliated with one of its Richmond abortion centers.

The recently released videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting scandal provide abundant evidence that the abortion industry puts profit ahead of care, and needs oversight. We recently called on the Governor to remove his two Planned Parenthood affiliated appointees from the Board of Health due to the clear conflict of interest. Incredibly, Governor McAuliffe claimed recently that if the abortion industry is illegally selling human organs, it is up to the Department of Health inspectors to find out – even as he works desperately to undermine the very health and safety standards that allow those inspectors into the abortion centers!

The meeting September 17th begins at 9:00 am. If you are able to be there, please arrive around 7:00 am to ensure that you can get in. At the December meeting, both the main room and the overflow room were filled and many people were unable to get in.

What: Board of Health Meeting

Where: Perimeter Center, 9960 Mayland Drive, Henrico, Virginia 23233

When: Thursday, September 17th , 9:00 am (arrive by 7:00 am)

For more info and to let us know you are coming, click here.