Virtual Reality

About a year ago, the story broke. It was horrific. It broke in a nationally recognized, renowned media outlet and immediately sent shockwaves through the country. Mainstream media outlets told the story seemingly every day. Editorials were written demanding action. Almost immediately, political leaders cried out for something to be done. Investigations were started. Tasks forces were formed. Legislation was introduced. Passionate speeches were given. The only problem? The story was a hoax.

Didn’t matter. Even after the story in Rolling Stone magazine about a gang rape at the University of Virginia was proven to be made up, fictitious, the figment of the imagination of a desperate “journalist,” the debate continued. Legislative efforts didn’t stop. Bills were signed into law and celebrated.

Why? Because the story fit a narrative. People were ridiculed if they didn’t believe the narrative, regardless of the lie that contributed to the narrative. Reality didn’t matter. Truth was irrelevant. Political points were to be scored.

Flash forward a year. Another horrific story. This time, there’s video. Lots of video. This time, people can watch with their own eyes, hear with their own ears. This time it isn’t just words on a page but video evidence.

Mainstream media outlets? Some have buried it; other’s attacked it.

Editorialists? They ignore it. Or deny it.

Investigations? A few, but not enough.

Legislation? Already killed.

Remarkably, those implicated in the story and their defenders are calling the videos, get this, a hoax.

Why? Because videos of Planned Parenthood officials dismembering human beings just aborted and haggling over the value of their organs doesn’t fit the narrative. Therefore, it must be dismissed, ridiculed, attacked. Marginalized.

People who believe what they see and hear with their own eyes and ears are attacked for believing the story and questioning the prevailing narrative.

This is the reality of 21st Century America. A story is written that is determined to be fictitious, and action is still taken in response to the lie. Many politicians respond to the hoax. But a story that is based on actual video tape evidence – something you can see and hear – that’s called a “hoax,” buried and ridiculed. Most politicians run and hide.

And you wonder why Donald Trump can lead in the polls?