PolitiFact This.

At the Planned Parenthood protest a few weekends ago, I stated, “Inspections of abortion centers around Virginia have found multiple violations of state parental consent laws. But because it’s the abortion industry, Governor Terry McAuliffe and his administration have done nothing. This weekend, PolitiFact took umbrage with my statement, but I stand by it. Shuffling paperwork isn’t doing something. Enforcing the law is, and the McAuliffe administration has not enforced the law. Period.

But when PolitiFact originally contacted us, we challenged them: Don’t hold us accountable to just one of my claims about the McAuliffe administration; hold us accountable to all of them! You see, the administration has done nothing about violations of informed consent and – perhaps most outrageously – state and federal drug laws, either.

But PolitiFact ignored the other claims. And I’m not surprised. After all, from the media to the Department of Health to law enforcement, the violations of drug laws at Virginia’s abortion centers have gone completely ignored; violations that, if occurring in any actual medical facility, would result in serious consequences.

Here’s what we know. Inspection reports found multiple abortion centers that kept no records or very poor records of drugs used in their facilities and had unqualified staff handling dangerous drugs, including Schedule II narcotics; doctors who failed to have a DEA license available at inspection; abortion centers that had expired drugs just laying around the facility.

Ask any medical professional: if your medical practice didn’t keep proper records of drugs or had untrained staff handling drugs, including Schedule II narcotics, what would happen?

It’s a question the media simply refuses to ask. But we know. Medical licenses would be at risk. But when it comes to abortion, it’s ignored.

Interestingly, last fall, when Health Commissioner Marissa Levine announced which areas of the abortion center health and safety standards she wanted amended, the list included, “Requirements for Administration, Storage and Dispensing of Drugs should be aligned more accurately with the Code of Virginia.”

But when the amendments to the abortion center health and safety standards were announced, conspicuously absent was any mention of the drug issues. It makes you wonder, why did the Commissioner change her mind? Why are so many people so afraid to investigate the abortion industry when it violates drug laws?

On Thursday, the Board of Health will vote on amendments to abortion center health and safety standards. Sadly, improving enforcement of the actual law won’t be put to a vote.

Attend the BoH meeting next Thursday!  Be a voice for the voiceless!  Click here for details.