This Is Only A Test.

The abortion industry, led by its $1 billion behemoth Planned Parenthood, claims itself to be all about women’s health care. We’ve heard the refrain repeated ad nauseam by both the industry and its media and political apologists. Cancer screenings. Mamograms. SDT testing. Etc., etc., etc. That’s what they say, anyway. Abby Johnson, a former Director of a Planned Parenthood abortion center, shares that Planned Parenthood is labeled a level one breast cancer service center meaning they are not allowed to provide breast cancer diagnosis or treatment services, no mammograms … just basic breast exams.  Even PolitiFact acknowledges that while they might refer someone for a mammogram, they do not do them.


But if the abortion industry is all about women’s health care, why is it that one of the changes to abortion center health and safety standards it apparently supports removes the requirement that they have procedures for screening of sexually transmitted diseases consisted with guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

That’s right. The abortion industry doesn’t want to do STD screening on patients who come to them to have an abortion. Or they don’t want to have to have procedures consistent with standard medical practice. Despite claiming to be in line with standard medical procedures, the Virginia Department of Health has recommended striking conformity with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

These standards are not only issued by the CDC, even the National Abortion Federation’s “Clinical Policy Guidelines,” the abortion industry’s pseudo-safety standards, recommend that women at high risk for STDs be offered testing.

All this should come as no surprise, of course. The propaganda about the abortion industry may say health care, but the reality of the abortion industry is death and profit.

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