"We're Losing Our Liberty."

"Power can be taken away, but it can also be given away, out of sheer ignorance." Dr. Robert George, Princeton University Recently, polling showed the following:

"Only 19 percent of American adults know that the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of religion, according to a new survey by the Newseum Institute.

"Only 10 percent know the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the press.

"And 33 percent of Americans have no idea at all what rights the First Amendment guarantees."

Suffice to say, its understandable that a majority of Americans can be bluffed into believing that the Supreme Court makes law and is the final authority on nearly every social or political issue of our time when they are utterly clueless as to what the Constitution actually says, never mind what the Founders intended.  Clearly, a Constitutional Republic such as ours cannot survive the decisions of a vastly undereducated or miss-educated electorate.

Professor Robert George of Princeton is one of the more brilliant minds in political science, and one of the most respected.  In the video below, he provides a basic explanation concerning the expansion of federal power and the corresponding loss of freedom - an explanation he has to present to his Princeton students because they are so ignorant of the truth.  It's worth a few minutes of your time: