Gecker First to Raise “A” Word, Hides Planned Parenthood Endorsement

One of the key state Senate races in Virginia is taking place in the suburbs of Richmond. The 10th Senate District seat has been held by John Watkins, who is retiring. The seat is considered a tossup, with Richmond School Board member Glen Sturtevant carrying the Republican banner against one-time Independent and now Democrat Dan Gecker. The first candidate to go to the “social issues” well on television is, of course, the Democrat. Never mind that the media and pundits are always slamming Republicans for focusing on “divisive social issues” instead of the “kitchen table” issues like jobs and the economy. Yet, even as Gecker hits Sturtevant in a new TV ad for his support of the Choose Life license plate – an obvious threat to the whole of humanity – Gecker seems to be a bit ashamed of at least one of his high profile abortion endorsements.

You see, as far as I can tell, nowhere on Gecker’s Facebook page or website does his endorsement from Planned Parenthood appear. While he does list the endorsement of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), conspicuously absent is the same endorsement from the nation’s largest abortion business. An odd omission considering Planned Parenthood is the eighth largest contributor to the Gecker campaign, coming in at just under $30,000.

Perhaps the fetal body parts scandal that has rocked Planned Parenthood has made that business a bit of a publicity problem after all.

Take your money? You bet. Publicize your support? Not so much.

Oh, and about that television ad. It seems that the big threat to the well-being of Virginians isn’t climate change or a bad economy. Its life affirming pregnancy centers that dare offer an alternative choice to women who are considering an abortion. You see, Gecker calls them “anti-abortion” groups in the ad, implying that they shouldn’t receive money through the purchase of pro-life license plates, even though it’s simply pass through money from people making the, you know, choice to buy the plates.

Regardless, I suspect we’ll be waiting a long time for the Jeff Shapiro piece slamming Gecker for bringing up those dastardly social issues. After all, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

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