Alert Barry Lynn and the ACLU!

From today’s Richmond Times Dispatch, we see yet another example of politicians violating the secular left’s sacred separation of church and state:

“Gecker and other party officials estimated they visited close to 30 churches on Sunday — the candidate and Sen. A. Donald McEachin, chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus, together visited six.

“’As Don said, we’ve had more church today than we’ve had in a long time,’ said Gecker, who then roused the crowd by vowing to expand health care coverage, help workers, ensure equal treatment under the law and find ways to curb gun violence.”

I’ll leave the “more church…than we’ve had in a long time” line alone.

But, one wonders if these churches were on the list Mr. Barry Lynn and his Americans United for the Separation of Church and State uses when they mail their annual fear mongering letter to pastors and churches across America, warning them of all sorts of repercussions for talking politics. After all, to Lynn, his cohorts, and the ACLU there are few threats greater to the republic than churches getting involved in the issues of the day.  Certainly Americans United and the ACLU aren't partisan in their application of fear, are they?  My guess is these churches won't be hearing from the IRS either.

And, of course, the media reports these visits with no comment on the politicization of the churches, a sin apparently only candidates on the right can commit.