Life affirming media story? Watch this before it's banned!

Yesterday on the Today Show, a conversation took place between Savannah Guthrie and Nicole Wallace.  Discussing the Republican presidential candidates' vocal criticism of the media, Savannah says with a gleeful look on her face, "but isn't it just a winning strategy to attack the media?"  To her credit, Wallace, a former Bush staffer responded, "But you can always find a legitimate example." On the issue of abortion, media coverage is more than just a little lopsided.  A local candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, Toni Radler drops off the board of Planned Parenthood because she finds the sale of fetal body parts reprehensible and no one thinks its news worthy.  But Planned Parenthood simply sends out a press release saying that they are joining Gov. McAuliffe and senate candidate Dan Gecker at a democratic GOTV rally and they get an entire news story.

Similarly bias is on display regarding abortion center health and safety standards.  One of my local television networks does a weekly restaurant review where they detail all the sanitation violations of my favorite dives, forever ruining my interest in dining there.  Yet, local abortion facilities get inspected by the state, revealing blood on equipment and tables and the public hears silence.

So on the rare occasion that the media gets it right and acknowledges abortion is not a happy choice for many women, we should stand up an applaud.  Check out this story where a North Carolina Fox affiliate provides a comprehensive and positive story about the medical breakthrough allowing women to now reverse the abortion pill and save their babies:



If this medical breakthrough would speed and simplify the taking of a human life, the doctor would currently be receiving the Noble Prize or the Lasker Award, but we'll be thankful for a local news story nonetheless.

Spread the word, women can reverse abortions started with the abortion pill.