Non-"Gender-Specific" Consequences

Bills introduced last session would have removed all “gender-specific” terms from the Code of Virginia, replacing them, with, well, we’re not really sure, whatever is non-“gender-specific” we assume, like “purple penguins” maybe?  This effort was done in the name of so-called same-sex marriage. Luckily, despite passing the state Senate, the bill was killed by a House subcommittee, which sent it to the Code Commission for review.

The Code Commission reviews all sorts of things that no one outside of lawyers and policy wonks really cares about, but it happens to be pretty important. This is where the minutia meets the road. After staff reviewed this issue over the past several months, they determined, not surprisingly, that it’s “very complicated” and needs further review, and lots of it. These aren’t “gender-neutral” staff, but for the most part they are supposed to be “agenda-neutral.”

So, removing terms like “husband” and “wife” from the law and replacing them with ____?____ might have some pretty interesting legal consequences. Imagine that.

We suspect that it might just have some cultural consequences, too.