'Revisionist history' has no bounds: new push for instant sex-change on birth certificates

by Josh HetzlerLegislative Assistant

Not even the most basic facts of life can be taken for granted anymore. What's more, history must be retroactively altered to reflect more "modern" realities. Visions of the classic George Orwell novel 1984 suddenly come rushing in.

Groups in Virginia are now calling for legislative changes to the process by which a person may change their gender...on their birth certificate. The current state requirements of proof of sex-reassignment procedures and a court order to alter this are hurdles some say are simply too high. New demands would essentially allow any person to visit the Department of Vital Records and simply request the change.

Wait a minute - I thought the idea of a birth certificate was to reflect a permanent record documenting a person's live birth, their name, sex, biological parents, etc. Clearly, what happened...happened. No getting around that one. Though perhaps, if we all just close our eyes and believe strongly enough that something never was, then maybe it will become so. Or maybe if we merely alter historical records, then history will change too. Reasonable minds would have to see that’s exactly what’s being attempted here. And the same reasonable minds would have to admit that this is “malarkey.”

And by the way, I thought there was some marked difference between “sex” and “gender” – the former being biological and the latter being psychological. That would cut against the reasoning in changing the “sex” category on birth certificates since birth certificates reflect the “sex” of the child rather than "gender." (XY and XX chromosomes have not yet been successfully converted.)

Aside from the obvious plunge into mind-numbing delusions, both “sex” and “gender” do matter. And they matter a great deal. Virginia should tread carefully and not continue to promote the idea that they don’t, or that they are otherwise interchangeable and irrelevant.