$3 Million in Blood Money

I have to admit, I wasn't surprised when I picked up the latest copy of The Washington Post and see that Planned Parenthood will be spending $3 million dollars to help elect pro-abortion activist Ralph Northam as Virginia's next governor. 

And why wouldn't they? 

You see, the Planned Parenthood model is to support ultra liberal politicians, who support them on abortion, because it is a good and successful business model for them. You need to look no farther than Virginia's current governor, Terry McAuliffe. Planned Parenthood spent around $2 million dollars to buy the 2013 election and McAuliffe has delivered for the abortion industry. It’s more than ironic that while Planned Parenthood screams over the prohibitive cost of health and safety compliance measures, it's spending $3 million to determine Virginia’s next governor.  

As soon as McAuliffe was elected he got to work paying back the abortion industry for their support by stacking the Board of Health with pro-abortion activists, including members with strong ties to Planned Parenthood board. Then he tasked the State Board of Heath with amending the Health and Safety Standards for abortion centers, which were directed by the General Assembly, and they have delivered by gutting standards aimed at keeping women safe. The Family Foundation is at present suing the Board over their lawlessness in doing so.

So, with those results, it makes sense that Planned Parenthood would spend millions more in political blood money to elect another pro-abortion candidate, so they can further expand abortion around Virginia. 

And what will Planned Parenthood buy with their $3 million dollars in support? According to this morning's Washington Post, they will deploy canvassers to knock on 300,000 doors, send mailers to 400,000 homes, run digital and radio ads, and drive pro-abortion voters to the polls on Election Day. 

The article went onto say that, "Northam has been a key ally to abortion groups, making the issue a top priority during his time in Richmond," and that Northam has “extreme positions supporting abortions in the eighth or ninth month.” 

Virginia can't afford four more years of abortion being a top priority. 

You may be thinking, how big of an impact can Planned Parenthood have on the election? My answer is, they determined the winner of the 2013 election. You see,  the pro-life candidate for governor lost the 2013 election by just 56,435, out of 2.5 million cast, and many political insiders credit Planned Parenthood and their blood money to putting Terry McAuliffe over the top on Election Day. We cannot afford to make that mistake again. 

Please prayerfully consider supporting the sanctity of life by supporting our efforts to educate Virginians on the importance of the upcoming election.