Protect Child Vaccine Exemption

The principle of religious freedom is such that it must apply to all or it applies to none.  At The Family Foundation, we take that principle very seriously. 

That’s why when we learn of threats to any religious liberty statement in our state law, we get concerned.  During this year’s General Assembly session, one bill was introduced, and then quickly struck after an uprising of people from both the political left and right, that would have removed the religious exemption for state mandated vaccinations for children. 

Despite the outcry, the proposal is now being reviewed by the General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care (JCHC). 

To make sure members of the Commission’s subcommittee studying the issue know that parents in Virginia should be free to make decisions regarding the health care of their children, I am asking you to attend the meeting of the subcommittee on Wednesday, August 3rd at 1:00 pm at the General Assembly Building in Richmond. 

As someone as one who reviewed, considered and made decisions on each vaccination individually, this particular religious exemption is not one I’ve exercised, but there are some families in Virginia who take this exemption and they should be free to do so.    

In fact, Virginia has a high rate of vaccination and a very low rate of infectious disease.  There is no health crisis and there is no compelling reason to remove the longstanding exemption.  The law of Virginia allows for the state to suspend the exemption in case of an epidemic, so the fear mongering by opponents of the exemption that it is a health risk are unfounded.

If at all possible, please attend the JCHC subcommittee meeting on August 3rd!