A Person is a Person, No Matter How Many Wombs

In case you missed the news, a baby boy has been born after being carried in the wombs of two different women!

Stetson is the healthy baby boy who was born to Ashleigh and Bliss earlier this year. He was conceived using traditional IVF procedures, but then he was incubated inside Bliss’s womb before being transferred to the womb of Ashleigh, where he grew until birth.

The fertility experts who made this medical marvel possible call it Effortless Reciprocal IVF. It is being celebrated for creating more options to same-sex couples who want to have children.

Options. Our society now uses the word “options” to talk about how children can be made.

This kind of language treats children as commodities. It is dehumanizing. The language of “it” and “clump of cells” and “embryo” all treat unborn children as if they are not people, but just biological masses that have no value.

This dehumanizing language is at the center of the abortion mind set. If the unborn are not human, then abortion is not horrific. So the language used helps to avoid the conclusion that the unborn really are human beings.

News articles on this story frequently use the pronoun “it” to describe Stetson while in the womb. Yet these stories also celebrate the fertility breakthrough because “the same baby” was carried by two women.

Well, which is it? Was Stetson a baby while Bliss was carrying him, or was “it” an embryo?

The story of this remarkable fertility treatment undermines the entire narrative of the abortion industry. Stetson is a remarkable baby because he was inside of one woman’s womb before being transferred to a different woman’s womb. He was carried by both.

There wasn’t an embryo carried by one woman and a baby carried by another. Bliss carried Stetson when he was very small. Ashleigh carried him all the way until birth. Now both Bliss and Ashleigh take turns holding him in their arms.

Stetson is not a commodity. He is not an “it.”

The headlines get it right. Stetson is the first baby to be carried by two different women.

He was Stetson as an embryo while in the womb of Bliss, and he was still Stetson as he grew in the womb of Ashleigh. And he is still Stetson now.