Abortion Industry Files Federal Lawsuit Challenging VA's Abortion Laws

Today, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a major federal lawsuit on behalf of several Virginia abortion centers challenging the constitutionality of several common-sense and long-standing laws regulating abortion. Having failed to repeal these life-affirming measures legislatively over and over, they are now throwing their lot in with the courts.

Just what are these laws the abortion industry finds so objectionable?

  • Requirement that abortion facilities performing surgical and chemical abortions be licensed

  • Requirement that abortions after 14 weeks gestation be performed at a hospital

  • Requirement for a physician to perform the abortion

  • Requirement of informed consent prior to an abortion, including an ultrasound 24 hours prior to an abortion

  • Criminal penalties for those who perform abortions unlawfully

Yes, that’s right. Supposedly, these are the requirements that are causing an “undue burden” on women trying to access an abortion. This would be laughable if only it weren’t so despicable. The truth is that the abortion industry will let nothing stand in the way of it making another buck, no matter how reasonable or common-sense a practice may be in protecting vulnerable women and unborn children.

Sadly, this nationally coordinated effort is not a surprise. Neither is it surprising that they targeted Virginia.  Attorney General Herring has been at their beck and call since the abortion industry helped buy his election. Virginians support common-sense health standards like ensuring surgeries – including abortion – are performed by actual doctors. As the industry continues to lose public support, fails in the legislature, and is cut off from taxpayer funding, they run to the courts for a lifeline.

Objectively speaking, these requirements are about as basic as it gets for any medical procedure, let alone one that is both life-threatening and life-ending. Consider the ultrasound requirement, for example. They take issue with a requirement for an ultrasound before an abortion, even though an ultrasound is the medical standard of care prior to an abortion, not to mention necessary for determining the child’s gestational age as required by law. This is more than a power play by the abortion industry; it’s just plain reckless.

Pay attention to the onslaught of media coverage this suit is now getting. It’s worth noting that the media hardly bothers to cover our lawsuit over the abortion center health and safety regulations (still ongoing, and looking favorable), but when the abortion industry initiates a legal challenge with far less merit, everybody jumps!

We’re used to this sort of thing by now, but it is no less frustrating. What is most frustrating, however, is the potential for the abortion industry to subject vulnerable women to even greater peril at the hands of abortionists with even less accountability, and especially the possibility of many more lives being terminated if these hard-fought laws are somehow overturned.

It is yet to be seen who will step up to defend our laws or how it will be done. Don’t count on Attorney General Herring, although that is his job. We are, however, pleased to see that the House Republican leadership has spoken out strongly against this action, and even went so far as to suggest the possibility of the House defending these laws if the Attorney General neglects his duty. Stay tuned as we follow this case and look to step in wherever necessary to uphold these laws we have fought so many years to successfully defend.