Humans Beings Now Legal Property?

This might actually be the most Anti-Family bill we have ever seen that actually has a shot at passing.

HB 1979 (D-Sullivan) threatens to open up Pandora's Box on critical matters involving Life, Parental Rights, and the most basic ideas of what it means to be a family. Late last week, this bill narrowly passed out of a majority-Republican House subcommittee and then the full House Courts committee, making its way to the floor for a vote TOMORROW. 

Click HERE to contact your Delegate and urge them to VOTE NO on HB 1979 tomorrow!

This bill will do ALL of the following:

1)    Recognizes in VA law (for the first time since the 1860s) human beings as property to be “owned” by others.

  • The bill language inserts “owns”, “owned”, or “ownership” 8 times to refer to human embryos. (A new concept and legal term of art.)

2)    Significantly expands the commodification of human beings to potentially be exchanged, traded, bought, and sold.

  • Children are not commodities to be sold or bartered!

3)    Creates a new legal presumption for parenthood that is not tied to biology.

  • This will cause serious long-term damage to our society. Imagine the immeasurable damage to a child when they will now grow up to be told that they never had a father, or that they never had a mother.

4)    Encourages the creation of babies without both a mom and a dad because it would now allow any single individual or non-married couple to contract with a surrogate to obtain a baby. 

  • Unmarried homes create more unstable environments for children.

5)    Accelerates the diminishing of the nuclear family with a mom, dad, and biologically resulting children.

  • The breakdown of the family and familial bonds is the single greatest cause of ALL of the other social ills we face since the nuclear family is the bedrock societal institution.

6)    Leads to the proliferation of “lab-babies” with no parents, which will inevitably become commercialized to select for certain desired traits.

  • This will lead further to the commodification of human beings and will lead to countless human lives being created and destroyed in labs

7)    Erases terms like “husband” and “wife”, “his” and “her”, to replace them with gender-neutral language.

  • This further blurs important distinctions between male and female and removes child-rearing from the sexual/procreational/conjugal union of a man and woman, leading to the commodification of children, and ultimately to government assumption of parental rights. 

Contact your delegate NOW to urge them to VOTE NO on HB 1979 on the House floor tomorrow!