AG: Scrap CDC's Safety Standards

Ever notice when a doctor (or nurse) enters a hospital or examination room they wash their hands?  Notice that if they do any kind of procedure they use new gloves.  That’s what real medical practitioners do.  It’s just common sense. 

But not for the abortion industry.  In several cases, while state health inspectors were present in abortion centers in Virginia, medical personnel failed to change gloves or wash their hands between patients!  Not just once.  Several times. 

Not surprisingly, the abortion industry isn’t pleased it’s been exposed.  So, in its defense, Attorney General Mark Herring has offered advice leading to an amendment to abortion center health and safety standards that would remove the requirement that abortion centers follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Guide to Infection Prevention in Outpatient Settings: Minimum Expectations for Safe Care.”

Yes, you read that right, even the “minimum expectations” for the safe care of women is too much to ask of the $1 billion abortion industry in Virginia!  So, the Attorney General is working hard to protect the abortion industry from having to meet the CDCs standards. 

Instead, the standards would be left as an ambiguous “abortion facility must have an infection prevention plan.”  Well, that’s what it had before the abortion center health and safety standards and it meant doctors and nurses not washing hands or re-gloving between patients! 

At a specially called meeting of the Board of Health to be held on Monday, October 24th, this and dozens of other amendments that will once again exempt the abortion industry from minimum standards of care will be voted on by the Board – a board now dominated by people appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe. 

We will be there to voice our opposition to these changes – will you?  We need to pack the room with pro-life Virginians who care about both the unborn child and the safety of the women who make the unfortunate decision to end the life of their unborn children. 

We must show the Board of Health that we are pro-life and we are the majority!

Please plan to join us Monday, October 24th and forward this email to your pro-life friends.  Plan to arrive at the Sheraton Inn Airport (4700 S. Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23231) as early as possible (preferably by 6:00 am) to prevent pro-abortion activists from filling the room and silencing your voice.  Seating is limited, so arrive early to ensure your spot.  We encourage you to bring a handmade sign showing your support for life.  The meeting is likely to last several hours.  Please contact us if you have additional questions (804-343-0010 or