Another Victory in the "Bathroom Wars"

Late Tuesday evening, the Loudoun County School Board wisely chose to follow the recent examples of its two neighboring counties - Fairfax and Prince William - by rejecting an attempt to elevate "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to a protected class. 

Privacy, safety and sanity prevailed again - but barely. (The Board voted down one version 5-4 and a similar proposal 6-3)

After the Board's last meeting, where the proponents of policy showed up in force, The Family Foundation helped mobilize concerned citizens to contact their members and to attend last night's meeting where the Board was to vote on the proposal. Many of them bravely addressed the Board during the public comment time including a pastor, a priest and plenty of concerned moms and dads. After learning that the ACLU of Virginia sent the Board a misleading letter to pressure the Board into adopting the dangerous amendments, we delivered a letter drafted by our staff attorney to the Board members explaining to them what the law actually says.

And thankfully, at the end of the day, a majority of the Board heeded that advice, concluding that they did not have the legal authority to create new classes in their nondiscrimination policy. Or, at a minimum, that they should wait for further guidance from the state and federal Supreme Courts, both of which have pending cases before them involving this very issue. 

In doing so, the Board (for now) has chosen to protect the safety, privacy and dignity of school children, teachers and staff in locker rooms, showers and bathrooms.

Loudoun County is now the third major Virginia school district in the past six months alone where The Family Foundation has helped ensure these misguided and unlawful policies were defeated. Hopefully now, there's been a clear signal to every school division across the Commonwealth that they had better think twice before attempting to make our school children a pawn for their social agendas.