According to Merriam-Webster, the word “rogue” means someone who is dishonest or immoral.  Generally, when most people hear the word rogue they probably think someone who is an outlier, off the reservation; certainly not someone who is part of the “mainstream.”

So when the head of the ACLU and others defending the abortion industry dismiss as “rogue” an abortion center that recently had its license suspended because conditions found by health inspectors were so horrific, the message is clear: don’t judge the whole industry by the actions of one, especially when that one is Steven Brigham, a notorious abortion center operator with a long history of illegal actions, loss of medical licenses, and mistreatment of patients.

And certainly, if true, they’d have an argument.  If the Brigham center in Fairfax is an outlier, different from the rest of the industry, he is indeed rogue.

Except it isn’t true.  Not by a long shot.

Don’t forget, Brigham also owns an abortion center in Virginia Beach that has been cited for dozens of health and safety violations.

Let’s take a look at just a couple of other abortion center owners and operators in Virginia:

·         Diane Derzis has owned/currently owns abortion centers across the nation, including A Capital Women’s Health Center in Richmond.  The Administrator of A Capital Women’s Health Center, Shelley Abrams (formerly Shelley Statum), was the former director of Derzis’ New Woman All Women Health Center (Birmingham, AL) as well as the director of Derzis’ Mississippi center – Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  A significant number of Derzis’ abortion centers have been closed due to egregious health and safety violations. In 2012, Derzis was ordered to shut down her New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, after inspectors found 76 pages of violations following the hospitalization of three patients in one day for abortion complications.  Officials have been fighting to close her Mississippi abortion center for years.

·         William Fitzhugh owns/operates abortion centers in Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke and Newport News.  Fitzhugh’s abortion centers have been found to have a litany of health and safety violations, including unlicensed staff members illegally mixing drugs for patients and transporting narcotics from one facility to another with no record or documentation.  In fact, the Charlottesville facility had no records in accordance with federal and state laws regarding the drugs used at the facility, including Schedule II narcotics like Fentanyl, a drug now becoming a major problem in the drug trade.  Fitzhugh was involved in a botched abortion on Margaret Codfelter in 1989, in which he perforated her uterus and left parts of the dead baby inside. He set her home without informing her of her life-threatening condition. Margaret died two days later.

Between them, Brigham, Derzis and Fitzhugh own and operate seven of the sixteen abortion centers in Virginia.  And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these “rogue” operators.  They each have a long history of mistreatment of patients and disregard for health and safety standards.  Reviews of the inspection reports of other independently operated abortion centers (i.e. not owned by Planned Parenthood) are similarly disgusting. 

Rogue operator?  Hardly.  Steven Brigham is the epitome of the abortion industry.  Honestly, if he’s such an “outlier,” why has the abortion industry not worked to drive him out of business?  Why has it remained relatively silent (outside of a few worthless press statements), as it did with Gosnell, for so many years? 

The only way to drive the Brigham’s and Gosnell’s of the world out of business is through the very health and safety standards – with regular inspections and actual consequences for horrific conditions – the abortion industry is so desperate to eliminate.  So, no, Steven Brigham is not rogue.  He’s reality.