"Blood on Your Hands"

Two bills were heard Monday in a House subcommittee on Health, Welfare and Institutions. One of them, HB 1563, would effectively remove most of the health and safety standards for abortion centers, putting women at even greater risk when utilizing one of these facilities. The other, HB 2264, would shift state tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers by reprioritizing the funds to go to comprehensive health clinics and hospitals where women can receive the full range of healthcare services in one place. Thankfully, HB 1563 went down in flames and HB 2264 passed on a vote of 4-1. 

Predictably, Planned Parenthood brought their crowd – donned in bright pink – to express opposition to the mere thought of the billion-dollar abortion giant losing any morsel of its precious taxpayer funding. To hear their rhetoric, you’d think Planned Parenthood has a constitutional and unalienable right to public money. I am always struck by the lengths these abortion apologists go to bend and distort the truth to advance their shameless cause. As an attorney, their incessant legal claims of “unconstitutionality” in particular make me cringe. At the same time, they do deserve some credit for their uncanny ability to mobilize their activists. (Come to think of it, maybe that’s what those taxpayer dollars are funding.)

But after the votes were taken, and the pink Planned Parenthood crowd began funneling out of the room, the most peculiar thing happened. A pro-life colleague who had testified on the bills was standing next to me, and one of the abortion activists tapped him on the shoulder as they walked by and said to him “There’s blood on your hands, man.” 

Come again? Wow, talk about irony of ironies!

Let’s recall: he had opposed one bill that would have jeopardized the health and safety of women undergoing surgeries, and he supported a bill that would have incentivized women to utilize comprehensive health clinics that could provide for all of their basic needs. His testimony included how his organization objected to calling abortion services “healthcare” since it ended life rather than preserving life. It was Planned Parenthood who had sought to reinstate shoddy, unsanitary and unaccountable abortion centers for women and who had opposed improved access to comprehensive health services for women – all so that it could continue to line its own pockets with state funds, through lower compliance costs, and through the killing of even more babies.

The abortion industry claimed nearly 1 million innocent lives in the U.S. in 2013 alone. Planned Parenthood was responsible for the greatest portion of those. That’s one million innocent children a year ripped limb from limb and whose skulls are crushed in order to preserve organs to be trafficked for profit. So please tell me: Who’s the one with blood on their hands?

There’s so much blood on Planned Parenthood’s hands, it’s unfathomable. All the while, the only thing they seem to care about is keeping those hands in the cookie jar of the state coffers. You would just think that they might have enough respect for the rest of us to back off when we point out to them that when they stick their bloody hands in the jar, the whole jar is contaminated for everyone else.

But there is another reason why it is especially ironic that this abortion activist would accuse the pro-life advocate of having blood on his hands, considering that less than a year ago, an abortion center in Fairfax had its license revoked by Gov. McAuliffe’s own Health Department after a 52-page report of health and safety violations found it to “pose a substantial threat to the safety of the patients and staff of the Virginia Health Group.” Included in that report was an observation that an employee was giving medication to a patient “while wearing gloves visibly soiled with blood”. The clinic never reopened.

We all know that Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups have blood on their hands. It’s just astonishing that they would have the audacity to insist that the rest of us be similarly stained by funding their horrific operations. Fortunately, their days are numbered. They must see the writing on the wall, or else they wouldn’t resort to such extreme tactics – like attempting to pass off their guilt on the very people trying to end their human carnage.