Booing God in Chesterfield

It seems that booing God and America’s distinct religious heritage has come to Virginia, the birthplace of religious freedom, even taking place just a few miles from the very place where the Statute for Religious Freedom passed into law.

Needless to say, the overtly anti-faith wing of the secular left is no longer a small segment to be ignored, but has become the dominant force on the left driving not just an anti-faith political movement, but sadly, an entire political party.

In case you didn’t see it in news coverage of this week’s Town Hall meeting in Chesterfield with local Congressman Dave Brat – oh wait, you couldn’t have since none of the multiple media stories about the event mentioned it – the crowd repeatedly booed any reference to God.  From the start, where the crowd booed the pastor of the church where the event was held and booed when the name of the church was mentioned, the crowd was openly hostile to the idea of faith.

But topping it off were the resounding boos that came when Congressman Brat dared state that our rights come from God:

Of course, as rejecting the principles on which our nation was founded becomes more celebrated, the more of this we’re going to see.  The secular left is unrestrained and unashamed of its hatred for God and God-fearing Americans.  Obviously, there are many on the left who believe that rights are granted to us by government (i.e. man), therefore making government their god.  They don’t seem to understand (or maybe they do?) why a government that has the power to grant rights also has the power to eliminate them.

Yet again, the media failed to mention any of this in its coverage.  Why?  Do they agree with the protestors?  Or are they concerned that if Virginians were made aware of this kind of anti-faith action on the left they’d quickly reject it?  Media bias is revealed just as much in what it chooses not to report as what is does report.  Ignoring the anti-faith booing is yet another example.

Our response to this hostility cannot be to behave in a similar way.  We know the truth, and as Thomas Jefferson said in the Statute for Religious Freedom, “that truth is great and will prevail, if left to herself; that she is the proper and sufficient antagonist to error, and has nothing to fear from the conflict.”  Our response must simply be to remain informed of the truth of our religious heritage, and its importance in maintaining a civil society. And we must be willing to teach our kids, inform our friends and neighbors, and vote only for those who do not arrogantly believe that they are the source of our freedom.