Buyer's Remorse?

The general sentiment regarding this year’s election season, it seems, at least based on my limited number of Facebook friends, can be summed up by the bumper sticker above.

Of course, I have a few #neverhillary and a few #nevertrump and a few #nevercared friends, so my analysis, like most public polling, is slightly unscientific and open to interpretation.  But all-in-all, there seems to be a consensus of, shall we say, discomfort with the current election cycle?

The rantings of many seem to fall along the lines of, “How did we ever get here?” and “How did it get this bad?” and “Among 300 million people these are the best candidates we could find?” and so on.

My question is: why are we surprised?  Moreover, isn’t this exactly what the American people want?

After all, it seems pretty apparent that a vocal number (majority?) of Americans want a secular (i.e. Godless) government.  So, the logical outcome of that desire is to have secular (i.e. Godless) candidates for office.

And that is exactly what we have. 

So why all the whining?  Isn’t this exactly what most Americans desired? 

Like the Israelites of the Old Testament demanding a king, despite the dire warnings of God himself, Americans have been demanding a government no longer built on moral principles but one instead built on subjective, emotional, pandering outcomes.  They desire a government, much like themselves, unconstrained by “archaic” ideas of virtue and instead one that provides every need to the point of demanding that the government affirm them in their chosen lifestyle. 

Politics is downstream from culture, so the saying goes.  Consequently, the candidates we have today are really just a reflection of who we are as a culture. 

I would expect, because of this, for the American people to be celebrating two narcissistic, greedy, power hungry candidates obsessed with sex or sex issues. But instead, we see much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Why?

As America has lurched further and further from its albeit not always lived up to Judeo-Christian moorings, polling has shown that nearly two-thirds of the population believe we as a nation are “headed in the wrong direction.”  Yet, our population continues to embrace the very things that push us further and further into social oblivion, a society that produces the very candidates for office they claim to loathe. 

Unfortunately, nothing is likely to change until those Americans who don’t like the direction of our nation finally realize that abandoning our first principles is exactly why we’re headed down the wrong path.    

Perhaps the angst we’re all feeling over this election is because when we see the candidates for president, we see ourselves as a culture, and it isn’t a pretty reflection.