Primaries are Over, Now the Fun Begins!

Last weekend the Republican Party of Virginia officially ruled Scott Wyatt the winner of the highly publicized 97th House District nomination contest between him and Delegate Chris Peace, seemingly concluding what has been a heated primary season in Virginia all-around.  Several incumbents faced stiff competition from primary challengers, jockeying over who could appeal to their political base the most.  While most incumbents survived their contests, others, like Chris Peace, Bob Thomas and Roslyn Dance, were defeated by their challengers.

 The biggest story of this primary season, however, isn’t so much which candidates actually won or lost, but how the family values and limited government principles we believe in and fight for dominated many of the races.

Last year we warned lawmakers that expanding Medicaid would create a giant and ever-expanding budget expense, largely dependent on matching federal funds, and allow for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to expand their reach to more low-income Medicaid recipients.  In the 97th District, it appears that Medicaid expansion inspired many Hanoverians to use a convention to select Scott Wyatt as the Republican nominee over the incumbent Chris Peace, who strongly supported Medicaid expansion in 2018.  Similarly, voters in the 28th House District also displeased with Medicaid expansion chose Paul Milde over incumbent Bob Thomas.

In Southwestern Virginia, casino gambling proved to be a major issue as it inspired Michael Osborne to challenge (unsuccessfully) Israel O’Quinn for the 5th District seat in the House of Delegates.  O’Quinn carried legislation this year to allow the city of Bristol to hold a referendum to approve casino gambling.  On the Senate side, Delegate Todd Pillion secured the Republican nod for the 40th Senate District, as Ken Heath decided to run as an independent rather than a Republican.  While we’re not sure about Heath’s position on casino gambling, it is reasonable to suspect that Delegate Pillion – endorsed by retiring Senator Bill Carrico – will at the very least be supportive of legislation to approve government endorsed casino gambling in Virginia. 

This primary season, pro-life values were not only an issue in key Republican districts, but also some Democratic districts as well.  On the Republican side, incumbent Senator Emmet Hanger in the 24thDistrict had to fend off a challenge from Tina Freitas (wife of Delegate Nick Freitas), who criticized Hanger for his votes on Medicaid expansion and the “LARC” program –which funnels public dollars to Planned Parenthood, as well as his opposition to the Hyde Amendment (until this year)

Ironically, the most intriguing primary race may have been in the 16th Senate District between incumbent Roslyn Dance, a staunch pro-choice supporter, who was upended by former Delegate and self-proclaimed pro-lifer Joe Morrissey.  Though his past record doesn’t quite reflect his current “pro-life” rhetoric, it is interesting that he was able to win the primary with a position that is in stark contrast given his party’s progressive agenda on this issue. Of course, the race may have been more about a popularity contest as Morrissey was hardly a no-name challenger and carried a very flavorful past.

With the primaries behind us, no doubt the hot days of summer will be even hotter as the general election contests kick off into full swing.  There is only one certainly this November - the General Assembly, notwithstanding the new district lines, will have a lot of new faces in both the House and the Senate who are filling vacancies left by retiring legislators.  Here’s the list of retiring legislators whose seats will be filled with a new face in 2020:

  • Del. Dickie Bell (20th House District)

  • Del. Gordon Helsel (91st House District)

  • Del. Brenda Pogge (96th House District)

  • Del. Riley Ingram (62th House District)

  • Del. Matthew James (80th House District)

  • Del. David Toscano (57th House District)

  • Sen. Bill Carrico (40th Senate District)

  • Sen. Dick Black (13th Senate District)

  • Sen. Frank Wagner (7th Senate District)

Delegates Todd Pillon, Debra Rodman and Cheryl Turpin’s seats will also be filled with a new face now that they are running for the Senate this fall.

All of this shows how important it is for voters to be aware of their state legislators and what they will do if elected (or re-elected).  A great way to learn more about your state Delegate and Senator is by reading The Family Foundation Action’s nonpartisan General Assembly Report Card, which shows you exactly how legislators voted on specific legislation that has a significant impact on families.

To order the 2018-2019 Report Cards for your church or community group, click HERE.

In addition to the Report Card, this fall we will also be distributing our non-partisan Voter Guides that compare the positions of candidates on important issues such as life, marriage, parental rights and religious liberty. Just like the Report Card, these Guides do not endorse or oppose any candidate or political party, but are meant to help voters learn more about where candidates stand on these important issues.

 This is a critical election, with pro-life and pro-family policies hanging in the balance.  Make no mistake, the ideological Left has already planned what they intend to accomplish if they have progressive-minded legislators elected into office.  According to Blue Virginia, here are the progressive policies modeled after New York that they plan to advance here in Virginia:

  •  Ratify the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (“ERA”), which would enshrine abortion into the U.S. Constitution;

  • Pass strict anti-sexual harassment laws (which we now always worry about their initiatives involving “sexuality”);  

  • Ban biologically affirming counseling, or so-called “conversion therapy,” for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions, as 14 other states have done;

  • Decriminalize marijuana for recreational use; and

  • Codify Roe v. Wade into state law, guaranteeing women’s “right” to an abortion even after the 24th week of pregnancy, up until birth.

This is only the start of what they’ll do if legislators without conservative, family values are elected to office.All of this is to implore you to remain engaged, and use this time to encourage neighbors and friends to support candidates that will uphold our sacred and deeply held values.

The 2018-2019 Report Card is Here!

The Family Foundation Action today released the 15th edition of its non-partisan General Assembly Report Card. This educational document informs citizens on key votes taken by the General Assembly during the 2018 and 2019 legislative sessions that relate to the issues of life, marriage, parental authority, religious liberty, and constitutional government.  Click the icon below to view the new Report Card to see how your legislators voted:

It is our hope the 2018-2019 Report Card, along with Voter Guides that will be distributed this fall, will help motivate citizens to vote and enable them to make informed choices.  All 100 seats in the House of Delegates and all 40 Virginia Senate seats are up for reelection, which will be held Tuesday, November 5th.  Voters will also have the opportunity to review the scores of several legislators seeking re-nomination by their party prior to the June primary elections scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th.

As with each Report Card distributed over the years, hundreds of votes taken by the legislature during the past two years were reviewed.  The first page of the Report Card explains the criteria used in determining which votes to include.  Non-partisan and broad-based, the Report Card seeks not to benefit one party or candidate over another, but to equip voters with the information they need to make an informed choice when they go to the ballot box.

This year’s Report Card has fourteen “100 percenters” in the House of Delegates and three in the state Senate.

To order additional copies of the Report Card to distribute in your church, community groups, or to like-minded friends and neighbors, click here or contact The Family Foundation Action at 804-343-0010 or at info@tffaction.org.  A suggested donation of $.25 per copy is encouraged to help defray costs of printing and distribution.  Please also consider sponsoring the distribution of 100, 500 or even 1,000 Report Cards with a donation of $25, $125, or $250.  Checks should be made out to "TFF Action" and mailed to 919 E. Main Street, Suite 1110, Richmond, VA 23219, or you can pay by credit card here.  Thank you for your support!

The mission of The Family Foundation Action is to protect families and promote responsible citizenship by giving Virginians the tools they need to hold their elected officials accountable.  The Family Foundation Action is not a PAC and does not endorse candidates. Therefore, please be advised that political campaigns and candidates for public office may not use either The Family Foundation or The Family Foundation Action logo for any campaign-related publications.  Any such use of these logos is not authorized and should be ceased and corrected immediately.

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. 

Defy Gravity

While the shockwaves continue to reverberate after Tuesday’s dismal election results, pundits and politicians alike have more than their fair share of opinions as to the reasons.  That’s all well and good and an important exercise.  You likely have a strong opinion about why Virginians voted the way they did.  I know I do.  But while a deep and painful discussion must take place about why things played out that way and what needs to be done in the future, it's unlikely that a constructive conversation can take place on the pages of the Washington Post, where too many seem willing to share their view.

In the meantime, we have to deal with the immediate consequences of the election.

You see, Virginians didn’t just send a bunch of new Democrats to the General Assembly. They sent some of the most aggressive, extreme leftist politicians Virginia has ever seen.  From staunch, self-proclaimed socialists to pro-abortion zealots, we can expect them to introduce some of the most dangerous anti-life, anti-faith, anti-freedom legislation in Virginia history beginning in January.  And with both chambers controlled by Republicans only by the narrowest of margins, the fight to stop those proposals will be extraordinarily difficult.  But that is what we must do all the same.

We will be happy to work with members of both parties where we can, in particular in areas like fixing foster care and adoption law, eliminating human trafficking, addressing school discipline and any other areas where we can find common ground.  But make no mistake, the so-called “progressive” liberals who were elected on Tuesday didn’t run on any of those issues.  They ran to force you to pay for abortions at any point during pregnancy; they ran to force your children into public school showers and locker rooms with kids of the opposite sex; they ran to crush religious freedom in the public square; and they ran to create a far more dominant, centralized government. 

If media stories are correct and thousands of voters literally “didn’t care” who was on the ballot and didn’t have a clue who they were voting for - only that they were voting against Republicans - then perhaps this is a “wave” election and can be corrected in short order.  I find it bizarre that people would act so irrationally, but we live in an age where reason and common sense are obliterated by emotional outbursts, so such a possibility exists.  Dislike the President?  Fine.  But to turn around and vote for people you know nothing about and not care what their agendas might be is irresponsible and dangerous. 

In the meantime, however, that’s all the more reason why we need to stop anything and everything they try in the next two years.  We look forward to working with both Senate and House leaders on preventing leftist extremism in Virginia. 

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, The Family Foundation lost some key, strong leaders and key allies to our principles.  Men like Scott Lingamfelter, John O’Bannon, Jackson Miller, Rich Anderson, Tag Greason, Jim LeMunyon, Bob Marshall and others were defeated.  The General Assembly not only lost key pro-family conservatives, it also lost men of great experience, principle and intellect who worked hard for every Virginian.  They will be greatly missed and I for one am truly saddened by their losses. 

I recognize that today you may be discouraged and dejected.  I am, too.  But we must resist the temptation to retreat.  Regardless of whether Virginia is blue, red or purple, the principles you and I share are the only hope for a thriving culture.  We have no choice to but advocate for truth and righteousness even in the face of such devastating elections.  And, we have no choice but to do all we can to resist the agenda of those who seek to take away our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

In the long term, those of us who understand that social, tax, health care, and welfare policies that have torn families apart, prevented families from forming, or stressed families to the breaking point are contributing to the destruction of the one and only entity that gives people a deep identity, stability, security and – as John Adams (the original one!) once said – forms the moral foundation for people.  The extreme left that now dominates the Democrat party believes the opposite – it believes the family is the problem and not the solution.  Until we are able to once again persuade younger generations that it is only in the formation of strong families with a mom and a dad where they will find the security they so desperately seek in government, I fear for not just future elections but the future of our nation.  Simply put, our society will not survive the continued assault on the family unit. 

Defying our creator’s design for family will prove as successful as attempting to defy gravity.  You can for a while, but eventually, you come crashing to earth.  In America today, we are reaping a generation of broken families and family fragmentation.  It isn’t just economic and it’s not just political; it’s moral and cultural as well.  We ignore this to our own peril.  At The Family Foundation, we are committed to restoring the family as the foundation of our society.  It may only happen when the policies endorsed by the secular left come crashing down around us, but it will happen.  I hope we don’t have to wait for the destruction of our culture before we rebuild.  I hope the church gets serious about standing for the truth of God’s design for family and morality in a powerful and persuasive way.  Teaching how to balance a checkbook is nice and all, but it isn’t why the church was created. 

In the meantime, we fight on, politically and culturally.  We can’t stop.  The future depends on it.

"They're Evil"

“They’re evil. We’re the good guys!”

That’s what a Virginia Democratic state senator shouted yesterday to a crowd in Arlington who showed up to see Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, lieutenant governor candidate Justin Fairfax, and attorney general candidate Mark Herring. What’s more, the crowd erupted with cheers and applause.

Watch it for yourself HERE.

Ironically, each of those candidates who represent the so-called “good guys” happen to be heartily endorsed by abortion giants Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, as well as by the greatest enemy of educational choice for parents and kids in Virginia – the Virginia Education Association (VEA). The two of them who have held public office also have abysmal records when it comes to protecting marriage, religious liberty and constitutional government.

Who, then, are these “evil” people she’s talking about? Apparently, that’s anyone who stands for the timeless and sacred values of life, marriage, religious liberty, parental authority and limited constitutional government. I guess she means to say you and me.

Whatever the answer, it’s clear that the stakes are getting higher with each passing day. Nowhere is this more true than in Virginia, where Election Day is just 4 days away!

I hope you’re planning on voting this coming Tuesday, November 7th.  With the increase in vicious rhetoric by some on the left, it’s all the more crucial that you not be silenced. And in a state where the Attorney General won four years ago by just 165 votes, every vote really does matter.

Here are the major statewide candidates for Virginia’s three statewide offices:

Governor                              Lieutenant Governor                     Attorney General

Ed Gillespie (R)                    Jill Vogel (R)                                  John Adams (R)

Ralph Northam (D)              Justin Fairfax (D)                            Mark Herring (D)

You can compare the candidates’ position on key issues by accessing our non-partisan Voter Guide for this race by clicking here. You can even print out the Voter Guide as a PDF and circulate them at your church this Sunday.

Here is some additional information listing some of the candidates’ Key Endorsements that you may find informative:


Ed Gillespie (R) – Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL), National Rifle Association (NRA), National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Ralph Northam (D) – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, National Organization for Women (NOW), Equality Virginia Advocates, Virginia Educational Association Fund for Children and Public Education (VEA)

Lieutenant Governor

Jill Vogel (R) – Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL), National Rifle Association (NRA), National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Justin Fairfax (D) – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, Virginia Educational Association Fund for Children and Public Education (VEA)

Attorney General

John Adams (R) – Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL), National Rifle Association (NRA), National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB

Mark Herring (D) – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, National Organization for Women (NOW), Equality Virginia Advocates, Virginia Educational Association Fund for Children and Public Education (VEA)

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Maybe it's freedom that's at stake?

There’s been a lot of banter on Virginia political blogs recently about the state of Ralph Northam’s campaign for governor and just how accurate are polls showing a statistical dead heat.  Some are reporting internal grumblings among Democrats that indicate serious concerns within that party over Northam’s campaign just a few weeks out from Election Day.

A test of whether or not there is true concern can often be found in the pages of the Washington Post.  And, sure enough, there have been a series of recent articles from Post reporters seeking to stir up controversy over everything from Republican candidate Ed Gillespie’s direct mail pieces to his fundraising. (Not to mention some pretty bogus polling numbers.)

Their goal: drive Northam’s base into a frenzy so they’ll actually show up to vote and discourage potential Gillespie voters who don’t want to vote for what the Post wants them to believe is a losing candidate. 

But this is the Post headline that takes the cake in hyperbole:

“Future of Public Education at Stake in Virginia’s Governor Race”

Que the left wing hysteria!

Imagine that.  The entire future of public education rests on our gubernatorial race.

It should surprise no one that the entire article attacks Gillespie for his support of policies that would give families more education freedom.  The article proceeds with a litany of accusations about how terrible it would be if parents are provided more options than the school to which their child is assigned based on nothing more than their zip code.  Everything from charter schools to Education Savings Accounts is attacked as “Bad for Kids” according to numerous quotes from those opposed to parental freedom, namely the education establishment. 

The article countered with quotes from supporters of education freedom…oh wait, never mind.  There are no quotes in the article from supports of education freedom.  None.  Anywhere.  Zero.

There are, of course, lots of scare quotes about Betsy DeVos, current U.S. Secretary of Education, who has used a personal fortune to advance the cause of education freedom. 

Northam makes it clear that he hates the idea of “unaccountable, private organizations” educating children.  His assumption being that parents aren’t capable of holding private schools accountable, making government run schools the only option.  Yet, private schools are thriving, growing, and producing students who are doing just fine, thank you, with little – and all unwanted – government involvement.  All the while being held accountable by the people paying tuition.  You know, sorta like a “free market.”  Imagine that.

Fearing competition reveals a lack of confidence in your product.  The education establishment is terrified that parents might actually get some freedom and make choices for their kids that run counter to what the establishment wants.  This would mean parents are in control, not the education power brokers, and that is their real fear – and perhaps what the Post means when it desperately claims that the future of public ed is at stake. 

The Abortion Litmus Test

Somehow, I made it on to the campaign email lists of Ralph Northam and Mark Herring and have been the recipient of hundreds of their pleading missives over the past year or so.  I’ve noticed a theme.


They love to use their gutless euphemisms like “women’s health,” “access” and “choice” to avoid the word abortion, but the message has been loud and clear:

For Democrats, the Virginia elections of 2017 are about abortion. 

In fact, the overwhelming majority of emails I get from both Northam and Herring are about a single issue – the promotion and defense of the killing of unborn children.

For them, 56 million abortions just aren’t enough.  We need more; a lot more.

And we need them paid for by the taxpayer, money funneled to their friends at Planned Parenthood.

And now we see where Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, attacked Republican Jill Vogel at their first debate over the ultrasound bill from five long years ago.  A bill that simply required abortion centers to do what they claimed they already did – an ultrasound prior to an abortion to make sure 1) there really is a pregnancy, 2) that it’s not a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, and 3) the size of the unborn child to make sure they use the right procedure to kill the child and not put the woman’s life at risk.  For that, the left and media went into hysterics, and Democrats can still fundraise and motivate their base.  Of course, what they really feared was the requirement that abortion centers offer women an opportunity to see the ultrasound picture before they make their decision.

That window into the womb scares the abortion industry perhaps like nothing else.

Vogel’s response, as quoted in the Washington Post, nailed it – “There was nothing in that bill that forced them to do anything against their will.”  In fact, no doctor can force anyone to have a test against their will – you just have to live with the consequences of your decision to ignore the doctor.

Regardless, the irony in all this is that the party with the real litmus test on abortion is the Democrat party, which then uses the media to attack and ridicule Republicans for having a litmus test on abortion, when most Republicans talk about the issue only when asked.  All while Democrats are having a now public internal debate nationally over whether they need to stop having a litmus test on abortion because it’s costing them elections.  While Virginia Democrats make elections all about abortion.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Politics and elections are all about a narrative, and for Virginia Democrats, that narrative is abortion, all the time, anywhere, taxpayer funded, with no restrictions. Ralph Northam and Mark Herring are counting on it energizing their base. So is the abortion industry.

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Why is Planned Parenthood so Afraid?

As we told you about yesterday, the abortion behemoth plans to drop $3 million to ensure the election of pro-abortion candidate for governor, Ralph Northam.  This comes as no surprise, of course.  As the Washington Post celebrated, “Northam has been a key ally to abortion groups, making the issue a top priority during his time in Richmond.”

Some believe Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry are counting on Northam and his Democrat allies to keep the taxpayer money flowing to their facilities.  In our opinion, any taxpayer money funneled to Planned Parenthood is too much.  In the Commonwealth, Planned Parenthood benefits from federally mandated Medicaid funds to the tune of around $150,000 annually, plus a small amount of non-Medicaid funding (which we have sought to ban).  Not paltry, but a drop in the bucket to a $1 BILLION business like Planned Parenthood. 

No, the real money Planned Parenthood fears losing, should someone other than a pro-abortion zealot be elected governor, isn’t directly from the taxpayers.

You see, between the time the abortion center health and safety standards were adopted and today, Virginia went from having 22 abortion centers to 14.  Some closed for reasons unrelated to the health and safety standards, such as lease issues, loss of client share, and owner retirement.  Two never bothered to try to meet the standards and didn’t even try to get licensed, closing down before even an initial inspection.  One, the Steven Brigham owned center in Fairfax, was so bad the Department of Health, even under Terry McAuliffe, suspended its license and it subsequently closed.

And while the McAuliffe administration illegally watered down the standards, the industry knows if a pro-life governor is elected who has the courage to fight to get them fully implemented again, especially the construction standards, many more abortion centers are likely to close.

Fewer abortion centers mean fewer abortions.  Since 2010 the abortion rate in Virginia is down 32 percent. That's more than 8000 babies saved.  In cold numbers, just like Planned Parenthood likes, at an average of $450 an abortion, it's a loss of revenue of nearly $4 million to the abortion industry.  That’s a number Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry is desperate to reverse. 

Besides fewer abortion centers, a big reason for that drop is pregnancy help centers that provide real assistance to women who face an unplanned pregnancy.  The very same facilities then state Senator Ralph Northam sought to regulate out of business in 2010, an effort that failed then, but who knows what promises Northam has made to the industry in exchange for the $3 million. 

The reality is the abortion industry is terrified that more and more women are choosing to keep their babies, is losing money, and is frantic for people like Ralph Northam to help keep them in business.  Funneling $3 million to a campaign (instead of actually providing health care) is just the cost of doing business.

"It's Abortion, Stupid."

Remember the days when liberal democrats and their media allies unmercifully attacked conservatives anytime social issues were mentioned in a campaign?  Such things were a “distraction” from “kitchen table” issues that matter, they claimed.  Candidates should speak only of economic issues and stop talking about “divisive” social issues.  “It’s the economy, stupid,” was the mantra.

What a difference one Supreme Court appointment makes.

If you hadn’t noticed, as the campaigns for statewide office in Virginia – particularly governor – continue to ramp up, abortion is becoming one of, if not the primary, issue.  For secular progressives that have complete control of the Democrat party these days, the freedom to take the lives of unborn children is the linchpin of their entire agenda.  And protecting that freedom up to birth  (and for some of them beyond birth) is the one and only issue of importance.  That, and making sure the government continues to force you to fund Planned Parenthood.  And with the specter of a potentially revamped U.S. Supreme Court that actually reads the Constitution, no issue is more important.  

So, you can imagine the hysteria in the $1 billion abortion industry when all three Republican candidates for Governor last weekend expressed support for repealing theRoe v. Wade decision that invented the right to abortion!  Apparent front-runner Ed Gillespie was the primary target of the industry and it’s media allies, with the Washington Post fretting in its headline, “Gillespie: ‘I would like to see abortion be banned.’”

Que the outrage.

Let’s face it, with the complete failure of Terry McAuliffe as Governor and the takeover of the Democrat party in Virginia by the Bernie Sanders wing, they can’t talk economics.  Consequently, social issues are all they have, with abortion being front and center.  As a result, the secular left is counting on Planned Parenthood and its vast war chest of campaign money to save the day for Democrats in the Commonwealth.  If Republicans running for everything from school board to governor think they are going to be able to dodge the issue this time around, they have another thing coming.  

So it was good to see all three Republican candidates for governor make their position on Roe v. Wade clear.  Earlier this week, Republican candidates for Lt. Governor Bryce Reeves and Glenn Davis were asked  at a candidate forum hosted by The Family Foundation in Richmond what their priorities would be to reduce the abortion rate in Virginia (Jill Vogel, also running for LG, planned to attend but was not able to be there due to last minute meetings in DC.).  Each expressed thoughtful ideas on the issue.

But let’s face it, even if at some point in the next decade that decision is reversed, the issue simply returns to each state to decide what will be legal and what won’t.  

In the meantime, how we can continue to reduce the abortion rate in Virginia – which has dropped more than 30 percent in the last five years! – is paramount.  Restoring reasonable abortion center health and safety standards gutted by Governor McAuliffe is a start.  Prohibiting abortion after the mid-point of pregnancy when science indicates unborn child feel pain is another step in the right direction.  Reducing the regulations that make adoption cost prohibitive for so many families is yet another.  But those things are only going to happen if pro-life Virginians awaken from their slumber and make sure a pro-life governor is elected in November. 

Planned Parenthood is counting on its media allies to enrage pro-abortion voters by attacking pro-life candidates so those voters will turn out in droves.  Those pro-life candidates that stand up to that hysteria and unashamedly make the case for life deserve our support.  Without it, you can count on another four years of Planned Parenthood owning the executive mansion.

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Okay, I have to confess.  I’ve kind of enjoyed watching the hysterical, emotionally driven “progressive” left go into full meltdown mode since Election day.  Frankly, regardless of whether or not as a conservative you voted for Mr. Trump, the show the left has put on for the last week has been way better than the actual campaign. 

And, if you’re message prior to Election day was, “everyone who disagrees with me is a racist, bigot, homophobic, xenophobic moron,” then, by all means, double down on that message after you lose.  Brilliant!

Look, I admit, I’m no fan of President-elect Trump, and have serious reservations about what his election means for our nation and culture.  And, frankly, the rhetoric coming out of this election and to this day from too many people and far too many “leaders” has been disturbing, sometimes disgusting and generally indecent.  But as I watch the hysteria unfold I do have to ask, why do so many people fear a President like they might an unrestrained king?

And there you have it.  

I suspect those on the “progressive” left are fearful because their view of the power of the office of President is so dangerously skewed.  They’ve grown up in a nation where, let’s face it, Congress is nearly irrelevant and has happily allowed itself to become an after-thought.  It can’t pass anything of substance and generally, isn’t asked to do so.  And by doing nothing or very little they are almost guaranteed re-election.  And Presidents have taken advantage of that vacuum - both Republican and Democrat.

The modus operandi of the left is to use the courts or the executive to do what it can’t get done through the legislature.  Our nation is embroiled in a debate over who can use what bathrooms because a letter – not even a regulation – from a bureaucrat in the Department of Education under the direction of the President (as in his administration) redefined what a law means and now it’ll be up to the Supreme Court, not the legislature that created the law, to decide if the bureaucrat is correct.  An unaccountable bureaucrat and an unaccountable court accomplishing the will of the king.  Too often Executive Orders have been used to circumvent the legislative process.  Too often, the balance of powers has been abused.  But when you can’t win enough elections because your ideas are outside the wishes of many Americans, it can apparently get pretty frustrating, and that whole balance of powers thing is just so yesterday.  

But now, the left is worried that Mr. Trump will act the exact same way Mr. Obama acted as President with no balance from the other branches of government.  Now, they fear a king.

What they don’t understand is the very system of government they trash and attack is the very system of government that, when executed properly, protects us from that which they fear.  The Founders wanted no part of a king.  Some, frankly, were pretty concerned about a President, but reluctantly accepted the idea because the legislature would provide the necessary balance.  (We won’t get into their view of the courts.  Let’s just say they wouldn’t recognize courts making law.)  But that balance works only when the legislature is strong and the courts don’t legislate.  

I’ve worried for years that the incessant attacks from both the left and the right on legislative bodies in this nation are going to undermine their credibility to the point of inhibiting their ability to provide balance to the other branches.  Congress has an approval rating somewhere akin to Satan.  Many on the left (and right) have made it sound like anything legislative bodies do is illegitimate because gerrymandering has tainted the entire process.  It isn’t a far leap from illegitimate to unnecessary.  Yes, Congress has failed in many ways, but the response to that shouldn’t be to shift more power to the Presidency and courts.  It should be to force Congress to do its job.  A long-term, hard, expensive, difficult task?  You bet.  

But way better than a king.  For all of us.


We all have our fears.  Some are afraid to fly.  For some, its public speaking.  Others, maybe a first date.  There certainly are a lot of things in this world that make us fearful, despite God’s admonition that fear is not of Him. 

Then there are those things that terrify us.  Terrify is a pretty strong term.  It isn’t simple fear; it’s far more than that.  Terror can be immobilizing, debilitating. 

One may be fearful of dying, but terrified of drowning. 

Terror brings with it images of horror, pain, misery. 

For LG and Democrat candidate for Governor Ralph Northam, it’s the possibility of a Republican becoming Governor that’s terrifying. 


More specifically, he’s terrified of Republicans defunding Planned Parenthood.

Fearful?  Nope? 


Republicans working to ensure our God-given, inalienable, constitutionally protected right to exercise our faith in the public square without fear of retribution? 

Afraid?  Not quite.


From a recent Northam for Governor email:

Imagining what Virginia would look like with a Republican in the Governor’s Mansion is terrifying:

-- Obstructing the Clean Power Plan
-- Planned Parenthood DEFUNDED and the right to choose restricted
-- Legal discrimination against the LGBT community

Now, we all recognize that hyperbole and political fundraising/mobilization go hand in hand.  These days, sadly, if there’s no outrage, there’s no action.  Yet somehow, in post 9-11 America, the idea of labeling the election of the opposition party “terrifying” takes on a whole new meaning.  But then again, the secular left has long labeled people of faith who oppose their agenda as “terrorists,” so Northam’s rhetoric should be surprising.

Certainly not terrifying.