Could Physician-Assisted Suicide Be Coming to Virginia?

We’ve spent two years participating in an administrative work-study group put together to analyze whether Virginia should legalize physician-assisted suicide (“PAS”). For our part, we made sure that the truth about the value and dignity of every human life – regardless of age or disability – was firmly and persistently made known. We provided solid data validating many of the moral, ethical, sociological, and scientific problems with PAS.

In short, we made it very clear that Virginia is no place for physician-assisted suicide.

Now the Joint Commission on Health Care has been presented with the Commission staff’s Final Report, and the legislative members of the Joint Commission will soon make a recommendation on whether it thinks the General Assembly should legalize PAS.

Please add your comment today urging the Commission members to reject PAS!

Five states now have some form of legalized PAS. While that’s a small number, it’s still five too many, and we cannot allow it to gain any grip in our Commonwealth.

The citizen comment period for this PAS study will end at 5:00 P.M. on October 15th. It’s so very important that the delegates and senators on this Commission hear from those of us who know the value of life.

CLICK HERE to send your comment to the Joint Commission on Health Care, because in Virginia, we don’t want or need physician-assisted suicide!