Defunding Abortion Industry

          RICHMOND-The Virginia state Senate today passed legislation, HB 1090, that redirects non-Medicaid taxpayer funding away from the abortion industry toward hospitals, federally qualified and rural health centers.  The legislation, which already passed the House of Delegates, now goes to the Governor.  Delegate Ben Cline (R-24, Amherst) patroned the legislation. 

          “It is insulting that Planned Parenthood nationally receives nearly half its $1 billion budget from taxpayers,” said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia.  “This legislation partially insulates Virginia taxpayers from that misuse of funds, a necessary action after a year in which Planned Parenthood was embroiled in a controversial scandal that exposed the organization’s selling of unborn baby body parts for profit and its callous, dispassionate attitude toward the unborn and women.  There are well over 140 federally qualified and rural clinics in Virginia that offer real, comprehensive health services women need, beyond the limited services offered at Virginia’s abortion centers.  The argument that women will not have access to needed care as a result of this legislation is patently false.  Virginia’s taxpayers are better served when their money is given to truly compassionate, comprehensive health centers as this legislation requires.”

          “Though Planned Parenthood receives only a modest amount of non-Medicaid money from Virginia taxpayers, we know that the organization is a favorite of Governor Terry McAuliffe.  This legislation ensures that the Governor will not be able to funnel non-Medicaid taxpayer money to one of his favorite political entities.”

          Ten states have adopted legislation or acted administratively to redirect or prohibit funding of the abortion industry and in particular Planned Parenthood.  Most recently, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed such legislation.  Other states include Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.