Defy Gravity

While the shockwaves continue to reverberate after Tuesday’s dismal election results, pundits and politicians alike have more than their fair share of opinions as to the reasons.  That’s all well and good and an important exercise.  You likely have a strong opinion about why Virginians voted the way they did.  I know I do.  But while a deep and painful discussion must take place about why things played out that way and what needs to be done in the future, it's unlikely that a constructive conversation can take place on the pages of the Washington Post, where too many seem willing to share their view.

In the meantime, we have to deal with the immediate consequences of the election.

You see, Virginians didn’t just send a bunch of new Democrats to the General Assembly. They sent some of the most aggressive, extreme leftist politicians Virginia has ever seen.  From staunch, self-proclaimed socialists to pro-abortion zealots, we can expect them to introduce some of the most dangerous anti-life, anti-faith, anti-freedom legislation in Virginia history beginning in January.  And with both chambers controlled by Republicans only by the narrowest of margins, the fight to stop those proposals will be extraordinarily difficult.  But that is what we must do all the same.

We will be happy to work with members of both parties where we can, in particular in areas like fixing foster care and adoption law, eliminating human trafficking, addressing school discipline and any other areas where we can find common ground.  But make no mistake, the so-called “progressive” liberals who were elected on Tuesday didn’t run on any of those issues.  They ran to force you to pay for abortions at any point during pregnancy; they ran to force your children into public school showers and locker rooms with kids of the opposite sex; they ran to crush religious freedom in the public square; and they ran to create a far more dominant, centralized government. 

If media stories are correct and thousands of voters literally “didn’t care” who was on the ballot and didn’t have a clue who they were voting for - only that they were voting against Republicans - then perhaps this is a “wave” election and can be corrected in short order.  I find it bizarre that people would act so irrationally, but we live in an age where reason and common sense are obliterated by emotional outbursts, so such a possibility exists.  Dislike the President?  Fine.  But to turn around and vote for people you know nothing about and not care what their agendas might be is irresponsible and dangerous. 

In the meantime, however, that’s all the more reason why we need to stop anything and everything they try in the next two years.  We look forward to working with both Senate and House leaders on preventing leftist extremism in Virginia. 

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, The Family Foundation lost some key, strong leaders and key allies to our principles.  Men like Scott Lingamfelter, John O’Bannon, Jackson Miller, Rich Anderson, Tag Greason, Jim LeMunyon, Bob Marshall and others were defeated.  The General Assembly not only lost key pro-family conservatives, it also lost men of great experience, principle and intellect who worked hard for every Virginian.  They will be greatly missed and I for one am truly saddened by their losses. 

I recognize that today you may be discouraged and dejected.  I am, too.  But we must resist the temptation to retreat.  Regardless of whether Virginia is blue, red or purple, the principles you and I share are the only hope for a thriving culture.  We have no choice to but advocate for truth and righteousness even in the face of such devastating elections.  And, we have no choice but to do all we can to resist the agenda of those who seek to take away our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

In the long term, those of us who understand that social, tax, health care, and welfare policies that have torn families apart, prevented families from forming, or stressed families to the breaking point are contributing to the destruction of the one and only entity that gives people a deep identity, stability, security and – as John Adams (the original one!) once said – forms the moral foundation for people.  The extreme left that now dominates the Democrat party believes the opposite – it believes the family is the problem and not the solution.  Until we are able to once again persuade younger generations that it is only in the formation of strong families with a mom and a dad where they will find the security they so desperately seek in government, I fear for not just future elections but the future of our nation.  Simply put, our society will not survive the continued assault on the family unit. 

Defying our creator’s design for family will prove as successful as attempting to defy gravity.  You can for a while, but eventually, you come crashing to earth.  In America today, we are reaping a generation of broken families and family fragmentation.  It isn’t just economic and it’s not just political; it’s moral and cultural as well.  We ignore this to our own peril.  At The Family Foundation, we are committed to restoring the family as the foundation of our society.  It may only happen when the policies endorsed by the secular left come crashing down around us, but it will happen.  I hope we don’t have to wait for the destruction of our culture before we rebuild.  I hope the church gets serious about standing for the truth of God’s design for family and morality in a powerful and persuasive way.  Teaching how to balance a checkbook is nice and all, but it isn’t why the church was created. 

In the meantime, we fight on, politically and culturally.  We can’t stop.  The future depends on it.