Discrimination, Health Care Style

The big news out of the abortion industry is the closure of yet another abortion center in Virginia.  This time the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Blacksburg.

Notable is the reason given for the closing:

“The world of health care delivery in Blacksburg and the larger New River Valley has changed dramatically,” Paige Johnson, senior vice president at Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, said in a news release Wednesday. “Virginia Tech has expanded their student services to include many reproductive health services and the Community Health Center of the New River Valley offers comprehensive health care, including women’s health services, at no or low cost.”

Did you catch that last part?  There are other facilities in the community that offer actual “comprehensive” health care for women.

Of course, this fact flies in the face of the abortion industry rhetoric that makes it sound like without Planned Parenthood, women will have no options for their health care.  And, that anything that doesn’t include taking the lives of unborn children isn’t quite “comprehensive” enough. 

In the debate over Delegate Ben Cline’s HB 1090 that redirects non-Medicaid taxpayer funding to federally qualified facilities, hospitals, etc., the abortion industry has screamed “discrimination” and once again claimed already refuted arguments that most of their services are not abortion.  In reality, there are over 140 federally qualified and rural health facilities in Virginia that offer more services than Planned Parenthood without the controversy, or the taking of lives.

Apparently, women in the New River Valley are indeed being more discriminatory, and choosing other health care facilities over Planned Parenthood.  If women are making this choice, certainly the General Assembly should, by passing HB 1090.