Don't Look Now

It's PR 101.  If you have bad news, announce it when everyone is distracted by some other big news story.

So late Friday, perhaps hoping no one would notice amidst the uproar over the President's edict on public school bathrooms and showers, Governor Terry McAuliffe took advantage of the distraction to release April's financials for the Commonwealth. It seems the General Assembly was wise to pass a somewhat reigned in version of the first-ever $100+ billion budget initially proposed by Governor Terry McAuliffe. 

The Governor's office announced that April revenue collections fell 6.7 percent from last year. On a fiscal year-to-date basis, total revenue collections rose 1.3 percent, behind the annual forecast of 3.2 percent growth. While having an optimistic outlook is generally a good thing, overly-inflated tax and spending proposals which leave Virginia taxpayers picking up the tab are potentially reckless.

Of course, the administration could always find more ways to save the state money. Here's a few ideas worth passing along: Enacting policies that encourage educational choices (like education savings accounts, education tax credits, and virtual education programs) and fully defunding Planned Parenthood and all taxpayer funding of abortions. For a Governor who spends so much of his time talking about the economy, he spends a lot of his time defeating common-sense cost-saving measures like these.