Economic Reality Check

Imagine for a moment you lived in a state:

  • That has created over 300,000 new jobs since 2013, including over 30,000 net new jobs since April 2016

  • That has seen unemployment decline from 10% to 4.9% (under the national average);

  • That has a $425 million budget surplus (not a deficit of over $1 billion);

  • That has improved its ranking in CNBC's best states for business in 2016, jumping from #9 up to #5;

  • Was named by Forbes Magazine the second best state for business in America for the second year in a row in 2016;

Sounds pretty good, no?

Then you better move to North Carolina.

That’s right, the state the hysterical left – including our own Governor – is painting as being on economic life support is actually doing just fine.  In fact, it's doing better than the Commonwealth in several key economic areas – including job growth – as it’s rankings in key surveys from CNBC and Forbes indicate.  North Carolina's unemployment rate dropped seven-tenths of a percent over the year, the fourth-best improvement in the nation, while Virginia's has recently inched up. Forbes ranks Virginia the sixth best state for business, a decline from past years and behind NC.

And all this is happening despite the fact that – hold on – North Carolina would prefer men use men’s restrooms and women use women’s restrooms.

Even if you buy the argument that North Carolina’s effort to protect the safety, dignity and privacy of women and children has had a negative effect on its economy, the state is still doing better than Virginia in many ways!    

The hysteria from the media, political class and pseudo-conservative bloggers over legislation before the Virginia General Assembly regulating bathroom use in government buildings (i.e. public schools) was as swift as it was predictable.  The belief in an underlying reality that biology and DNA matter and that common sense dictate that no one should expect young school girls to be exposed to members of the opposite sex in school showers and locker rooms are now labeled bigotry, hateful and worse than all – bad for the economy.

Of course, this is politics in Virginia, so the narrative being forced on us by a mainstream media no one is supposed to believe any more will likely win out over objective reality.  But reality is something different, regardless of what the media and political class are telling you.