Northam's Alternate Universe

On Friday an email from LG Ralph Northam arrived in my inbox, and, always amused by the latest motivational efforts by the Democrat governor wannabe, I took a look. 

The LG’s obsession with social issues is disturbing but no doubt an effective instrument for motivating his supporters to a little more anger.  And, I realize that the rules of political motivation are a bit different than the rules in just about every other area of life.  But the LG really pushed the limits of those rules – and reality itself.

The email begins:

Two years ago, I cast the tie-breaking vote against a bill that would require any woman seeking an abortion to get a transvaginal ultrasound first.

It was a bad bill -- it would’ve taken away a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.

Now, I recognize that after back-to-back 60 plus hour work weeks my memory on Friday afternoon was likely a bit compromised.  However, no one who was in Richmond when the legislature updated the Commonwealth’s informed consent law to include an ultrasound will ever forget that 2012 legislative session and the hysteria that surrounded the proposal.  Since that year, most Republican lawmakers have been just a tiny bit reticent to introduce any new bills related to protecting the unborn.  So, I think I would have remembered a bill requiring an ultrasound being introduced just two years ago – two years after the original battle – and two years after the requirement passed and was signed into law.

So out of curiosity, I tried to find any abortion related bills on which the LG voted “two years ago.”  It wasn’t difficult.  As far as I can tell (and I’m of course always open to being corrected by PolitiFact), the only abortion related bill I could find that the LG voted on was SB 617, introduced by Democrat Senator Mamie Locke.  The “bad bill,” as described by the LG’s email, would have repealed the ultrasound update to informed consent.  A bill on which the LG cast the tie-breaking vote – in favor.

So, if I’m reading the LG right, his vote in favor of an ultrasound repeal bill was in fact a vote against a bad bill that required an ultrasound. 

Sort of factual in reverse?

The LG’s ploy goes on:

But unfortunately, anti-choice Republicans insist on beating this into the ground. And yesterday, Republicans in the Virginia State Senate upheld another ultrasound requirement.

I was particularly struck by the “Republicans insist on beating this into the ground” line, since, again, according to my memory, the legislation that was voted on the previous day was another repeal introduced by Democrat Mamie Locke.  It would appear that it is Democrats that are “beating this into the ground” by bringing legislation year after year on the same issue. 

There’s little doubt that reality and the General Assembly don’t always cross paths, but Northam’s spin on this one creates an entire alternate universe.