Every Minute Counts

Hypocrisy reigns within the Virginia Board of Health, with the latest example coming again from pro-abortion members of the Board appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

At last week’s Board meeting, some once-aggressive members appointed by McAuliffe were extremely grieved over attempts to correct the official minutes from the October meeting at which the Board voted to eviscerate abortion center health and safety standards.  At that October meeting, the Board rushed through several amendments to the standards with little or no discussion, including some amendments that had not been seen by Board members until that day.  Yet, the amendments were nearly all adopted without pro-abortion members needing any time at all to consider their implications. 

But at last week’s meeting, when members of the Board who had objected to the amendments and had repeatedly made the case that the Board was acting illegally wanted the official minutes of the October Board meeting to clearly and accurately reflect their concerns, they were rebuffed.  Incredibly, the same Board members who needed no time whatsoever to contemplate adopting consequential amendments to the health and safety standards that put women’s health at risk pleaded for time to “absorb” and contemplate the amendments to the minutes!  Apparently, the official record of the meeting was suddenly something of import – even more so than the health and safety standards themselves.

Perhaps pro-abortion members needed to go to their “safe-spaces” to be able to handle something as emotionally traumatizing as the truth.

Or, maybe, the McAuliffe-appointed members know a lawsuit is in the wings and they don’t want the fact that they violated the law reflected in the official record?  Could it be that the administration and its appointees (along with the Attorney General’s office who advises the Board) are well aware of their violations of the law and are now doing all they can to try to cover it up?  Why not simply allow the minutes to reflect the reality of what happened at the October meeting?  After all, if the objections to the votes were without merit, what’s the downside? 

From the beginning, the McAuliffe administration’s desperate efforts to appease Planned Parenthood and the $1 billion abortion industry have been tainted with politics, incompetence and illegality.  Last week’s actions by McAuliffe’s litmus-tested pro-abortion Board members is just the latest example; one that reeks of fear.