Identifying with Target

In the classic Christmas tale “A Miracle on 34th Street,” ole Kris Kringle threw the team at Macy’s into a real tizzy when he started sending shoppers to different stores if he didn’t like the products Macy’s had to offer.  Of course, shoppers were so astonished at such a selfless, profit-minimizing policy that they pledged undying support to Macy’s.  The counter-intuitive scheme worked – he was Santa Claus after all.  Mr. Macy loved it.  Everybody loved it.  And, not surprisingly, Macy’s competitors – namely Gimbels – immediately copied the ingenious marketing ploy.

Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.  Especially in retail. 

Which brings us to retail giant Target’s open-door bathroom policy.  To hear Target's PR department, the media, and the secular left tell it, their policy to let men in ladies rooms is not only “the right thing to do,” it’s brilliant marketing.  After all, doesn’t everyone want an “inclusive” bathroom?

Well, apparently not.  Never mind that Target’s stock value took a hit after the bathroom sharing policy announcement, after all, the CEO conveniently blamed that on the “weather.”  Obviously, the boycott of Target by just over a million Americans is having no impact at all.  Couldn’t be.

No, perhaps the best indicator of the failure of Target’s policy is just how many other giant retailers are imitating it. 

Anyone?  Anyone?

Mr. Gimbel, your office is calling. 

Now, you just know that in corporate board rooms across the country, the pressure on big box stores and other retailers to imitate Target’s potty policy is enormous.  The bludgeoning of big business to march in lock step with the “Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender” agenda is notorious.  And yet, so far, not a single large retailer has found it advantageous to join Target in tearing down the stalls. 

Perhaps it’s just another indication that those mean, money grubbing corporations are putting profit ahead of “tolerance.” 

Or, it may just be that some businesses want, you know, to stay in business.