Fairfax FLE Changes are "an Insult"

Yesterday I was at the Fairfax County School Board meeting. I was surrounded scores of Fairfax residents who came to speak up about the Family Life Education changes that are being recommended for students.

Some of the most drastic changes being proposed include:

1.       Teaching that “sex is assigned at birth” rather than “biological.”
2.       Instructing children about “PreP,” an HIV prevention drug that is designed for use by people engaging in anal sex.
3.       Removing “Clergy” from the list of “trusted adults” that students can talk to about sex.
4.       Moving part of the Family Life Education curriculum out of FLE and moving it to health class – so that parents don’t have the opt-out option for their children!

Not only are these ideas dangerous for students – teaching them things that are not in accordance with medical and scientific realities – but they are insulting to clergy and restrict parental authority.

Bishop Burbridge, the Bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese over Fairfax, said that it is “a great insult that our clergy who give their lives to serving young people and helping them do what is good and right might be removed from a list of someone who can be trusted. I take that as a personal insult.” He said, urging everyone in Fairfax to take action and contact the School Board. Hundreds have done so.

I am encouraged to see that so many people are concerned about this issue and are taking action. People throughout Fairfax are making their voices heard by sending e-mails with their concerns to the Public Comment address. That public comment period remains open on this topic until June 8th.

Not as many of those residents who want to protect children and teach them biological realities were present at the School Board meeting itself. Last night I was surrounded by close to 60 people dressed in purple and pink, waving rainbow flags, and holding signs that said, “Science supports LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum.”

Their arguments are not sound, and do not reflect what science clearly teaches about human biology and reproduction. This group, supported by FCPS Pride, often accomplishes their agenda through volume, not facts.

Their spokesperson made a comment to the School Board endorsing all of these recommended changes. He was supported by close to 60 people standing up behind him. He said that any opposition to the changes was being motivated by a “polished PR office in Richmond” (referring to me). He doesn’t believe that any Fairfax County residents actually care about these changes.

He’s wrong. Fairfax residents do care about what is being taught in public school. It is important that they show their concern by attending the next School Board Meeting on June 14th at 7:00pm at the Luther Jackson Middle School.

For more information on making public comments and attending the School Board Meeting, e-mail me at sean@familyfoundation.org or by calling 804-343-0010 extension 240.