Faith-Based Counselors Under Attack

They’re at it again! A few weeks ago, I told you about an attempt by a state agency to target and punish faith-based counselors who would simply help a minor work through struggles with unwanted sexual attractions or gender dysphoria. Now, there are several state licensing boards with clear ideological motives that are aiming to do the very same thing. This time, it’s the Board of Counseling, and they need to hear from you!

If you commented on the Board of Psychology’s proposed Guidance Document in response to our last Action Alert – thank you! – but please don’t let that stop you from submitting a comment to the Board of Counseling, too!

Action: Click HERE to enter a comment on the websiteand tell the VA Board of Counseling not to punish licensed counselors for helping patients overcome their unwanted sexual feelings by affirming biological realities concerning males and females. (Click on "Enter a comment")

These liberal-leaning health boards are attempting to overwhelm those opposed to this censorship by promulgating regulations on multiple fronts.  The intended goals of their combined regulatory actions are to promote the radical LGBTQ agenda and prevent minors and adolescents from being able to acquire the counseling they prefer to give them relief from unwanted sexual feelings.

One of the more alarming aspects of the Guidance/regulations put forward by these Boards on this practice is it creates a blatant double standard whereby counselors would be free to help minor clients explore and possibly cultivate same-sex feelings or even to “change” their gender, while simultaneously prohibiting them from helping minor clients flee from unwanted same-sex attractions and embrace natural sexual expressions and/or their true gender. The consequence of violating this policy could be the state-imposed loss of their professional license, and that is simply unacceptable. Licensed counselors have a responsibility to speak honestly with their minor clients about life’s fundamental truths, and any state policies that compel them to repress those truths during counseling would lead to real ethical dilemmas, not to mention damage to those children. (You can read more about this here on our blog.)

We cannot stand idly by and let this happen. Please CLICK HERE to leave your comment to the Board of Counseling!

Clearly the Board has demonstrated its hostility towards counselors who uphold these natural, biological and/or Biblical viewpoints of human sexuality, and its willingness to violate any and all free speech and conscience protections in order suppress these deeply held beliefs.

The last day to submit public comments on the state Board of Counseling’s proposed Guidance Document to censor licensed counselors’ free speech rights is April 17th.