Feed Planned Parenthood, Then the Kids

Each week, the Governor’s office sends a press release listing their “Top 5” accomplishments from the week.  Apparently, this list is supposed to be reflective of the Governor’s priorities. 

So the order at the top of this week’s “Top 5” list is very telling: 

  1. Governor McAuliffe Vetoes Legislation Defunding Women’s Health Provider Planned Parenthood

  2. Governor McAuliffe Signs Bills Strengthening Virginia's Opioid Abuse Prevention and Treatment Efforts

  3. Dorothy McAuliffe & Kathleen Sandoval: Ending Childhood Hunger Isn't Just the Right Thing to Do — It's Smart

That’s right, this Governor, who derides “divisive social issues” every chance he gets, put making sure taxpayers are propping up Planned Parenthood's abortion centers ahead of dealing with Virginia’s destructive Opioid crisis and ending childhood hunger!

There’s little doubt that advancing the progressive left’s social agenda has been a top priority of this Governor, particularly that of the $1 billion abortion industry, regardless of his rhetoric.  Today’s list is simply reflective of that reality.  He puts protecting Planned Parenthood, a business responsible for the deaths of thousands of unborn children every year, ahead of ending hunger, ahead of helping people with addiction. 

This is McAuliffe’s “new Virginia.”  One where Planned Parenthood reigns supreme.