FLE: Parents Know Best

Fairfax County Public Schools is currently taking comments through this weekend until June 18th at FLEComments@fcps.edu on their planned sexual education (AKA “Family Life” education) program. When you hear some of the things included, you will probably be provoked to contact them immediately.

Here are just a few of the messages that are included in the over 80 hours of planned sexual education for each student from kindergarten to 12th grade:

-       A video for 4th graders on sexual violence prevention includes the theme of a father raping his daughter. (Emotional and Social Health, Lesson 3)

-       Lessons on transgenderism beginning in Grade 7 (Emotional and Social Health Lesson 1)

-       One lesson for 8th graders includes 18 mentions of the phrase, "anal sex." (Human Growth and Development, Lesson 2)

-       Students are taught they might be "assigned" the wrong sex at birth and they can "transition...to living and presenting themselves as the gender that matches their gender identity." (Grade 10, Human Growth and Development, Lesson 5)

-       You can learn more about the lessons at http://parentandchild.org/

In addition to FCPS’s “Family Life” education materials going well beyond what is required by state guidelines, these materials clearly go well beyond what is appropriate for school children to be exposed to by persons other than their parents at home.

Many of the planned sexual education materials can be deeply harmful to children who are not yet prepared to appropriately internalize certain concepts such as rape, incest, and ‘gender fluidity’. Not to mention, these messages may be fundamentally opposed to the truth about sexuality and gender, and to the values you wish to instill in your child.

If you live in Fairfax County, tell FCPS today that parents know best about when their child is ready to learn about these highly sensitive topics. Email them today with your objections.