Gender Confusion in Fairfax

You may have heard in recent weeks some of the noise coming out of Fairfax County and its school board’s ongoing attempts to impose the full gamut of “transgender” policies on all 186,714 of its public school kids at its 196 schools.

In an ongoing effort to assist concerned moms and dads and grassroots leaders in Fairfax, we helped mobilize parents there to oppose these dangerous policies that would place every child’s safety, security, privacy and basic dignity rights in jeopardy while at school.  A little over a week ago, those efforts paid off in a big way when the heavily liberal Fairfax School Board relented, at least temporarily, announcing abruptly that it was reversing itself and would not take further action to implement their planned regulations, at least until the courts could sort it out.

There is no question that the calls, emails, and attendance at meetings, and prayers of parents and concerned citizens of Fairfax and people all across Virginia played a pivotal role in the Board’s decision. Since Fairfax County, with its more-than 1.1 million residents, is seen as a model for the rest of the Commonwealth in many ways, it was all the more critical to ensure that these policies be prevented.

And that’s exactly what happened. Common sense and decency prevailed – for now.  

This is proof positive that much of the secular left’s rhetoric on this issue is little more than empty talk.  In reality, most Americans and most Virginians are opposed to permitting boys and men to use girls’ bathrooms, showers, and changing areas and to play on their competitive sports teams.  Most people recognize that these kinds of separation of the sexes are in place for good reasons and in fact have always worked fine with little incident.  And everyone, regardless of how they feel personally about the idea of “transgender bathroom” policies, should at least realize that there are a number of serious and valid concerns arising from these policies that have to be addressed before plowing forward into uncharted territory.

Each county and city in Virginia has to continue to hold the line on this issue with its local school boards, city councils, and boards of supervisors. It’s important that parents and citizens across Virginia apply the same pressure in their own communities to protect their children in school.  The good news is several have – including Grayson and Gloucester.

This issue is far from settled, and now is not the time to let up!  Just yesterday, in the case out of Gloucester County that has gained national attention, the ACLU asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow a female student to be able to use the male facilities. Other related cases are going on across the country.

As this issue unfolds, we will continue to do everything we can to preserve the meaning and status of male and female while protecting the privacy and dignity rights of our children. We are indebted to local leaders who are taking up this fight in their communities!

Please continue to join us in this important fight. With your help – just as we saw with parents in Fairfax – we can and must prevail.