Gov/AG Kneel Before Abortion Industry

This Thursday, the Virginia Board of Health is scheduled to do what Governor Terry McAuliffe, Attorney General Mark Herring, the media in Virginia, and the $1 billion abortion industry want it to do – gut Virginia’s abortion center health and safety standards to ensure that people like Steven Brigham can operate abortion centers in Virginia.

The abortion industry bought this vote – and it expects to be paid in full.

But will the vote happen at all?

You see, on Wednesday, the day before the Board is scheduled to vote, a little known commission of the General Assembly, the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR), has scheduled a meeting and on its agenda are several questionable– and perhaps illegal – actions of both the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Board during this amendment process ordered by Governor McAuliffe.

By now any thinking Virginian recognizes that the Governor McAuliffe and AG Herring have had serious difficulty following Virginia law and the Constitution.  Over and over again, both have ignored or been ignorant of Virginia law.  In this case, the regulatory process is governed by something called the Administrative Process Act (APA), to ensure a transparent process where the public has ample opportunity to weigh in on regulations and to protect the public’s right to know what regulations a government agency is imposing on its citizens.  Unfortunately, at several points in the process to amend the abortion center health and safety standards, VDH and the Board have apparently violated that law, making the entire process a sham.

But what else can we expect from the McAuliffe/Herring regime?  It’s been clear from the beginning of their terms that they have no interest in the law, the Constitution, or frankly, the truth.  They have a political ends – to protect abortion at all costs – that justify any means.

In addition, suggested amendments from the Attorney General released recently under the guise of meeting the requirements of the Supreme Court’s June opinion on abortion center health standards are actually in conflict with the decision itself and put women in danger.  In one case, the AG has recommended that abortion centers no longer be required to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) standards to prevent infectious diseases!

Some of our politicians and Virginia’s editorial pages can continue to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to what inspections have found in Virginia’s abortion centers.  They may be quite content with sending their wives and daughters to facilities that repeatedly have been found to have bloody and unsterilized equipment, untrained staffs, misused dangerous drugs, violated of state and federal laws, and a host of other deficiencies.

But take note - when and if the Board of Health votes to gut health and safety standards for abortion centers - people like Steven Brigham will be the one’s celebrating, and that tells us all we need to know about this sham vote.