Earlier this week, U.S. Dept. of Education Secretary John B. King Jr. called attempts by state lawmakers to maintain the long-standing American policy of male-female bathrooms “hateful."

Really? Hateful? I might have expected that line to come from a passionately misguided teenager overcome by his unfettered urge to “tweet” every half-brained idea that entered his mind – but certainly not from the highest education official in the land. But he’s not alone in his sentiments.    

Apparently, these days (as of say, oh maybe the day before yesterday), it is “hateful” to hold the belief that males and females are actually distinct creatures, and that there is a natural and societal need for some privacy between them. And it is now “hateful” to maintain a common-sense policy that each man or woman should only use the bathroom, changing area, and shower of his or her own sex. And it is now “hateful” to point out that boys are boys and girls are girls, regardless of how they feel at any given moment, and therefore that it is in everyone’s best interest – including “transgenders” – that we treat them accordingly, at least when it comes to the use of public facilities involving discrete bodily functions.   

You’re not merely insensitive, or uncompassionate, or behind-the-times, or set-in-your-ways, or even just plain wrong.  Oh no – as of now you are presumed to be motivated by your irrational hatred of these confused souls, whom you’ve probably never met, if you even so much as think about responding in any way except to fully embrace, at all times and in all places, every person’s subjective belief about his or her biological and/or anatomical make-up.

In Secretary King’s view, as well as an alarming number of others, there is no room left for honest people just trying figure out what’s best – and certainly no room for those who insist on actually doing what they know is right. Your refusal to bow the knee to this latest trend of eliminating all boundaries of decency and privacy among men and women MUST be hatred. Plain and simple.

Could it be, I wonder, that it must be hatred because to concede the possibility of any other less sinister motive would require that we actually have a fair and rational debate about the merits of the policy? Could it be that the truth is so obvious, that the ONLY way to win the debate is to demonize and thereby completely dismiss all opponents? After all, if the gender revolutionaries are so confident in their position, what do they have to be afraid of? Clearly, a rational debate is the last thing they want.

Despite its gross misuse by the Secretary and others to characterize those who believe in common sense and common decency, “hate” really is a serious problem that needs addressing.

In truth, it would be “hateful” to encourage a person in his or her rejection of objective reality, or to encourage them to mutilate their own body in order to fill an emotional void. We wouldn’t think of doing such a thing for a drug-addict or a chronic “cutter.” Not only would we not encourage such behavior, but we would probably do everything within our power to stop it. Why? Because, in fact, we LOVE them and we don’t want to see them do to themselves what was never intended to be done and which can never adequately address their real problems. How much more should this be true when it comes to a person’s biological sex?

Far from being “hateful”, most people who affirm the differences between male and female and the need for occasional separation are actually motivated by love –both for those who accept their biological sex and for those who reject it.

And as we know from 1 Corinthians 13:6, “[Love] does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth.”