Hollywood Values?

Recently, Chad Griffin, president of the so-called Human Rights Campaign, one of the secular left’s political groups behind government-forced acceptance of marriage redefinition, at a Hollywood fundraiser said of a religious freedom bill being debated in Georgia, “It’s an affront on all the values Hollywood prides itself on.”

Considering the “values Hollywood prides itself on,” I’d argue that is an endorsement of the bill Mr. Griffin was attempting to condemn! 

The legislation that Griffin labeled “un-American” would simply ensure that religious charities and schools would have their day in court if attacked as discriminatory for adhering to Biblical principles regarding marriage and sexuality.  Well, at least that’s what the bill was purported to do, until an amendment was added recently that made the proposal essentially meaningless.  But even that isn’t good enough for the secular left who continue to use big business, Hollywood and the sports entertainment industry to bludgeon lowly state legislators who still believe the First Amendment matters. 

Of course, if all that is important are “jobs and the economy,” as we’ve been told ad nauseam by both political parties, the threats by those who employ large numbers of people (and spend lots of money on political campaigns) are downright frightening, and no match for cultural Christians who are going to spend untold millions propping up Hollywood and the sports entertainment anyway.

Still, Mr. Griffin’s comment is telling.  The “Hollywood values” of which he speaks have for decades been antithetical to everything many Americans believed to be moral, reasonable and principled and at one point (like yesterday maybe?) were cause for disdain and ridicule.  Now those same values are being trumpeted as the very definition of what it is to be an American.