Hurry Up and Wait

So, it turns out, the desperate emergency that required the Virginia Board of Health hold a costly, special meeting to gut abortion center health and safety standards might not have been so necessary after all.

You may recall that the Board voted on October 24th to amend the standards at the behest of the $1 billion abortion industry.  The Board was scheduled to vote at its September meeting but so many errors and violations of state law were made during the process that a special commission of the General Assembly urged the Board to delay its vote.   The abortion industry and its apologists hysterically claimed at the September Board meeting that a special meeting must be held because delaying until the regularly scheduled December meeting would have “put women at risk” and Virginia would be “in violation of the Supreme Court,” etc., etc.  (One person actually said Virginia had to follow the “directive” of the Court, though the Court doesn’t issue directive, it gives opinions.)

From that point, the amendments have continued through the regulatory process, from being approved by the Attorney General to the Secretary of Health and Human Resources, then landing on the Governor’s desk for his approval on December 9th. 

Apparently, however, Governor Terry McAuliffe is still in his “safe space” after Hillary Clinton’s surprising defeat on Election Day.  You see, despite the “emergency” and hysterical pleas of the abortion industry in October, the Governor has yet to take action. 

Twenty-five days later and counting. 

Now, one would think, if women were at risk of life and limb and all, the Governor would have acted a bit more urgently on a matter of such import.  Or maybe he was just caught up in holiday festivities?

More likely, the issue wasn’t an emergency at all, and the special meeting that costs taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,000 to $8,000 wasn’t so necessary.   

Regardless of when the Governor takes action, the long delay has revealed the truth – the special meeting was a costly waste of time for everyone involved that amounted to little more than a PR stunt for the abortion industry.