Hypocritical Much?

PayPal recently announced that it is scrapping plans to bring 400 new jobs to North Carolina because that state just passed a law that requires men to use men’s restrooms and women to use women’s restrooms.  That, PayPal’s leaders say, is hateful and discriminatory.

Consequently, that announcement makes this pretty interesting (source: North Carolina Values Coalition):

Hypocritical much?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned state employees from “non-essential travel” to North Carolina (and now Mississippi) for the same reasons PayPal claims.  Yet, Governor Cuomo has no problem visiting communist Cuba, no friend of human rights. 

Many of the Fortune 500 companies that take similar "principled" stands do or are desperate to do business in China, a black hole of human rights.

See a trend?

The well-choreographed faux business outrage over states that still believe in science (as in DNA) has of course captured the attention of the national media.  Hysteria matters.  Yet, these blatant inconsistencies in the outrage are nowhere to be found in the news stories or editorial pages.   That, of course, comes as no surprise.  The advantage of the hysteria driven news is that facts are irrelevant.  Hypocrisy is ignored.  Well-funded emotional outbursts simply don’t have time for truth.  All that matters is the bullying. 

Unfortunately, those of us who wish to base public policy on transcendental truth (or DNA) and reason are often overwhelmed by the immature, emotion driven tidal wave of the secular left.  And when far too many of our politicians are willing to cave at the first sign of a leftist temper tantrum, common sense rarely prevails.  Here’s hoping the state legislatures that are standing up to the corporate bullies will give courage to others and bring an end to policy-by-hysteria.