Introducing Richard Wiley

Richard Wiley is The Family Foundation’s 2016 summer policy intern. When he’s not keeping a close eye on the turbulent affairs of present day politics, you will find Richard drilling on Morse-code and German verbs, or welding in the shop.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida and presently living in Goochland, Virginia, Richard was drawn to The Family Foundation because of his interest in the interaction of church and state in local politics, particularly those in the Old Dominion. He was homeschooled for much of his primary education and studied with Liberty’s dual enrollment program to complete high school with an associate’s degree. Richard graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pre-law from Liberty this spring after spending time on the University’s policy debate team, moot court team, and SGA legal team. As a fan of British mystery novels and contextualized interpretations of the Constitution, Richard plans to take the art of deduction with him to Liberty University’s law school this fall to pursue a career in constitutional law.

One of the most significant memories Richard recalls from college is when he traveled to Regent University to argue the first amendment on the moot court team. He often plays the keyboard for his church’s worship team and loves to indulge from time to time in jazz sessions with friends and family.  He likes to go out in his backyard and play airsoft and paintball with his siblings.  Also, he is a pyromaniac and is obsessed with fireworks so it is safe to say that the Fourth of July is his favorite holiday.  If you asked all of the other interns what their favorite thing about Richard was they would probably say that he brings a deck of cards every day and taught us all how to play Hearts, which is an amazing game everyone should learn how to play it!

Everyone enjoys having Richard at TFF this summer because he brings good input to the group and knows a lot of law that pertains to our conversations.  He is excited to start law school at Liberty in the fall and return to being a Flame again!