"it's a person, it's killing"

Governor Terry McAuliffe this week was honored by the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood for his aggressive obsession with ensuring more women have abortions while receiving fewer other medical services at the $1 billion business’s four Virginia abortion centers.

Now, that’s not exactly how they phrased it, but that’s the reality.  You see, about the same time the Governor was getting all that love from Virginia Planned Parenthood, the national abortion industry giant was releasing its annual report – a few months later than normal.  The report revealed that while the number of abortions performed at its abortion centers increased last year, the number of other “services” provided continued to decline, all while the entity received an increase in taxpayer funding, amounting to a tidy profit for the “non-profit” of around $59 million.  

Oh, and it once again performed zero – zero! – Mammograms, despite continuing rhetoric by the abortion industry to the contrary.  And the pre-natal care its CEO touted while defending it taxpayer subsidizing?  A nearly 50 percent decrease.  (You can learn more about this deception here.)

Of course, I doubt that the McAuliffe-honoring “ceremony … at the Glave Kocen Gallery in Richmond” included a showing of the recently released video of a Planned Parenthood representative discussing on a panel about baby “heads that get stuck” and the “hemorrhages that we manage” while admitting, “Given that we actually see the fetus the same way, and given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here. . . . Let’s just give them all the violence, it’s a person, it’s killing, let’s just give them all that.”  Or other abortion industry representatives gruesomely discussing “the challenges of removing legs and breaking small skulls, and laugh[ing] over surprising moments of their practice, like ‘when an eyeball just fell down …and that is gross!’” 

Or, as reported by The Daily Signal:

A Planned Parenthood abortionist then complains about how an unborn child ‘is a tough little object’ and ‘very difficult’ to take apart.  A lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union is heard remarking, ‘When the skull is broken, that’s really sharp’ as the crowd laughs about the difficulty of ‘getting that skull out.’  Another Planned Parenthood official, speaking on a panel, recalls that an ‘eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross.’  The crowd laughs.

Then again, with this kind of inhumane, diabolical attitude that permeates the secular left, perhaps that was the over-dessert conversation with the Governor.  Perhaps the Governor found the describing of the tearing apart of defenseless human beings a barrel of laughs.  Certainly, the people he chooses to be honored by, receive money from and spend time with find it all very humorous.  

Make no mistake about the power that Planned Parenthood holds over our government.  A “Republican” Congress has yet to fully defund it; the Democrat party has made it clear that it welcomes no one who doesn’t bow to it; the courts have attacked free speech by ordering videos that expose the organization (and entire abortion industry) to be removed from public domains such as YouTube; all this while media acts as its unpaid PR firm.   

But know this: we aren’t intimidated by nor will we ever stop fighting Planned Parenthood.  We will work with our national allies to do all we can to continue to expose it and the rest of the abortion industry; we will push back against any governor or government that seeks to take your hard earned taxpayer dollars to prop it up; we will push lawmakers to defund it of those dollars; and we will continue to fight for the protection of unborn human babies from the violence of Planned Parenthood and Terry McAuliffe.