"It's Abortion, Stupid."

Remember the days when liberal democrats and their media allies unmercifully attacked conservatives anytime social issues were mentioned in a campaign?  Such things were a “distraction” from “kitchen table” issues that matter, they claimed.  Candidates should speak only of economic issues and stop talking about “divisive” social issues.  “It’s the economy, stupid,” was the mantra.

What a difference one Supreme Court appointment makes.

If you hadn’t noticed, as the campaigns for statewide office in Virginia – particularly governor – continue to ramp up, abortion is becoming one of, if not the primary, issue.  For secular progressives that have complete control of the Democrat party these days, the freedom to take the lives of unborn children is the linchpin of their entire agenda.  And protecting that freedom up to birth  (and for some of them beyond birth) is the one and only issue of importance.  That, and making sure the government continues to force you to fund Planned Parenthood.  And with the specter of a potentially revamped U.S. Supreme Court that actually reads the Constitution, no issue is more important.  

So, you can imagine the hysteria in the $1 billion abortion industry when all three Republican candidates for Governor last weekend expressed support for repealing theRoe v. Wade decision that invented the right to abortion!  Apparent front-runner Ed Gillespie was the primary target of the industry and it’s media allies, with the Washington Post fretting in its headline, “Gillespie: ‘I would like to see abortion be banned.’”

Que the outrage.

Let’s face it, with the complete failure of Terry McAuliffe as Governor and the takeover of the Democrat party in Virginia by the Bernie Sanders wing, they can’t talk economics.  Consequently, social issues are all they have, with abortion being front and center.  As a result, the secular left is counting on Planned Parenthood and its vast war chest of campaign money to save the day for Democrats in the Commonwealth.  If Republicans running for everything from school board to governor think they are going to be able to dodge the issue this time around, they have another thing coming.  

So it was good to see all three Republican candidates for governor make their position on Roe v. Wade clear.  Earlier this week, Republican candidates for Lt. Governor Bryce Reeves and Glenn Davis were asked  at a candidate forum hosted by The Family Foundation in Richmond what their priorities would be to reduce the abortion rate in Virginia (Jill Vogel, also running for LG, planned to attend but was not able to be there due to last minute meetings in DC.).  Each expressed thoughtful ideas on the issue.

But let’s face it, even if at some point in the next decade that decision is reversed, the issue simply returns to each state to decide what will be legal and what won’t.  

In the meantime, how we can continue to reduce the abortion rate in Virginia – which has dropped more than 30 percent in the last five years! – is paramount.  Restoring reasonable abortion center health and safety standards gutted by Governor McAuliffe is a start.  Prohibiting abortion after the mid-point of pregnancy when science indicates unborn child feel pain is another step in the right direction.  Reducing the regulations that make adoption cost prohibitive for so many families is yet another.  But those things are only going to happen if pro-life Virginians awaken from their slumber and make sure a pro-life governor is elected in November. 

Planned Parenthood is counting on its media allies to enrage pro-abortion voters by attacking pro-life candidates so those voters will turn out in droves.  Those pro-life candidates that stand up to that hysteria and unashamedly make the case for life deserve our support.  Without it, you can count on another four years of Planned Parenthood owning the executive mansion.

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