It's Official! (Come See It For Yourself)

It’s official. We’ve finally moved into our new building!

But it’s not just any building. A mid-nineteenth century four-story Greek Revival historic town house tucked among city sky scrapers in downtown Richmond, buttressed by a significant rear add-on with additional space, accented with a large and fully-enclosed courtyard and three walk-out balconies, all just a block and a half away from the state Capitol. And only by God’s unforeseen but abundantly clear leading, coupled with the faithful partnership of supporters like you, we are now the owners (at least on paper) of the incredible Stewart-Lee House on 707 E. Franklin Street.

House 1.png
House 2.png
House 3.png

To say we are excited about our new space and this next phase in our 35-year journey as an organization would be an understatement.

Not only will the purchase of this house allow us to actually save money on our monthly payments (and eventually to have no more housing payments at all), but it provides us with needed space to grow, an ideal venue for hosting events, board meetings, and Worldview Academy training, and a place of our own that now frees us from the whims of landlords who realistically could decide they no longer want to lease to The Family Foundation.

House 4.png
House 5.png
House 6.png
House 7.png

The 1844 structure still needs a lot of work to get it to where it can be fully utilized, including renovating the whole bottom floor and remodeling the back add-on space in hopes of leasing as office space and eventually for space for us to grow into. And then there are many “little” things still to get up and running – like air conditioning in most of the house in the midst of a hot summer! (Your prayers appreciated.)

House 8.png
House 9.png

We will be telling you more about it soon as renovations move along. It is truly a place for every one of our supporters to see and enjoy, and I hope you’ll come and visit sometime to see it for yourself!

For now, we wanted you to know that we are no longer in the SunTrust Center at 919 E. Main Street. We are now – finally, and by the grace of God – fully in the Stewart-Lee House at:

707 E. Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23219